Thursday, October 17, 2013

I now have had two people who have contacted me with raised medical insurance rates.

I now have had two people who have contacted me with raised medical insurance rates when they got to the ACA site.

1. Have you written to your Senators and Congressman about what you have uncovered with the horrible corruption at those companies?

2. Have you started a demonstration with a few bricks to be thrown out in front of their buildings?

3. Have you filed a Class Action Lawsuit with any of a thousand Shyster Lawyers who are trying to make a living in Law now that it has become so corrupt?

That is the way you stand up to corruption. My Great Grandfather used to throw firebombs and was very effective in getting results so he was called on many times when management was hiring off duty policemen to shoot strikers.

If you do not stand up, you will be stepped on by the Criminals who think they have privileged keisters. You need to plant your foot firmly in their keisters. Go for it! Do not take crap like that from the Criminal Republiscams. It is time to fight back and do it with dramatic style. Do not let them victimize you. Scare them into acting like responsible companies in Public Service. They are, you know. Just because they are run by Republiscams does not mean they can get away with Grand Theft.

The ACA does not set prices. Socialized Medicine like in England would. Note that the Republiscams loudly broadcast their opinion (prophecy) that insurance premiums will not be affordable, and then promptly set out to raise Insurance premiums to rip off the public so that their prophecy comes true and they make lots of money. If you accept their corruption, then you are an enabler of the criminal Reich Wing. We need to work together to tear down the Reich Wing Nazi Republiscams and all of their corrupt money generating plans.

Rise up America! Awake! Let's throw off the shackles of oppression by the Nazi Republiscams. Cruz and his criminal buddies be damned!

Republiscams = Republic Scammers = Criminals who scam the government for personal financial gain. = Traitors (Murderers, Liars, Thieves!)

They are Fat Cat Industrialists, Bankers and Politicians of any party who have taken over our country for the practice of their religion which is the worship of money and the massive accumulation of same.

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