Thursday, October 17, 2013

The United States Needs Socialized Medicine, Not a Half-measure Like the ACA.

The United States Needs Socialized Medicine, Not a Half-measure Like the ACA, though that is a step in the right direction.

The word Socialism frightens Americans because they do not have enough education to know what it is as our public school systems are failing us (or we are failing them). I have many relatives on both my mother and father's side of the family who have impressive college degrees, and when I gather with family members they show their prejudice and unfounded bias against anything that they think will raise their taxes.

In an effort to justify their higher up income money fueled prejudice, they all liken Socialism to anti-socialist Hitler and Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, who were all Dictators and needed to be feared because of their dictatorships not because of alleged political views.

That false association is as stupid as linking Democracy to Hitler because he was lawfully elected, or to Stalin, because he rose up through the ranks and was lawfully elected (by a "jury" of his peers) and other nonsense like that.

All of those relatives have lots of money and to guard their money they see themselves as "Conservatives" and attack Socialism without being able to define Socialism. Imagine that, well educated college graduates who are ignorant!

As we know, Socialism is just a bunch of programs run in a freely elected Democracy. You can have as much or as little as you want. American Public Education is Socialism. Our Library systems are Socialist. Medicare is Socialist. Social Security is Socialist.....

Ho Chi Minh (the George Washington of Vietnam) came to the United States (1911) before World War One to study our version of Socialism and wanted to implement it in Vietnam once he had driven the hated evil French (who were raping his country and murdering millions of his people) out of Indo China. After studying the US, Ho Chi Minh went to Europe to study their Socialized Medical Care programs as they evolved and decided to build one patterned after the British system as developed after World War Two.

Once the United States conservatives found out about this, they labeled him a Communist. By giving him that label and by comparing him to Hitler and Stalin, the United States justified the Murder of Three Million innocent Indo Chinese people in a futile effort to stop Ho Chi Minh from implementing Public Education and British style Socialized Medicine in his country. Being a very poor country, it could not afford more than those two programs. Three Million people did not need to die to stop the spread of public education.

To stop this socialized medicine spread to the southern half of the country we entered South Vietnam to keep the criminal French planters in possession of their land that they stole from the Vietnamese peasants, and in clear violation of the United Nations mandate (to allow free elections so the Vietnamese people could vote to join the North) we appointed a dictatorship over the people to keep that "Damned Socialized Medicine" away from them and to prevent them from setting up a public school system like Ho Chi Minh wanted.

Eisenhower and Kennedy both knew that 85% to 90% of the people in our oppressive dictatorship ruled South would have voted for Union with the North (that already had Public Schools and free Medical Care for all of the people because that is what Ho Chi Minh delivered to them once they had kicked out the French. Imagine that, he was a man of his word, and for that we wanted to kill him.

The people of the South knew what they wanted, and they did not want dictatorships like the United States imposes everywhere we go when we want to control a country to steal their resources (which we have done over half a hundred times around the world). We have been horribly evil and corrupt and many of the people of the world hate us for it. Ain't no need to sit and wonder why, it don't matter any more.

The US could have a free Socialized Medicine Program for about one third the expense of our present system which is the most horribly wasteful system in the entire world.

Efficiency? There is no efficiency as it is all about Outrageous Theft from the people who need care, in particular, theft from people who need critical care. We are paying medical doctors about three to four times what they should be earning. We have a bloated Bureaucracy and siphoning off of the top in our medical care Insurance Programs that make them twice as expensive as they should be.

I prefer the German system that combines Medical Insurance with Socialized medicine and does it at less than half the expense of our present system. Because the German Government is involved they can force efficiency on the Medical Insurance branch of their program and keep the doctors from ripping off the population the way they constantly do in the United States. Most of the medical professionals in the United States worship money (I.e. they are Republiscams) and they do not really care if you live or die or go broke from excessive charges, as long as they can make LOTS OF MONEY. That needs to be regulated and only a German like program can do that with some efficiency.

Watch as the Criminal American Medical Insurers try to bilk the public under ACA.

They will do that because they are corrupt as hell and are all run by Republiscams who are thinking of no end of ways to fleece the American public.

I am fed up with these corrupt Sons of bit*hes. We need to remove them from our society, and I do not favor using Country Club prisons with nine hole golf courses for their leisure, since they are monied people. They are Crooks and Traitors to America and need to be treated accordingly.

Republiscams = Republic Scammers = Criminals who scam the government for personal financial gain. = Traitors (Murderers, Liars, Thieves!)

They are Fat Cat Industrialists, Bankers and Politicians of any party who have taken over our country for the practice of their religion which is the worship of money and the massive accumulation of same.

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