Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sources of Beta Radiation.

So many people are noting increases in Beta Radiation on their detectors at home. Yes, we are getting waves of it, and a lot of those spikes appear to be related to recent emanations from Fukushima, or; depending upon the wind direction, emanations from New Mexico. The most recent person that I communicated with was in Arizona.

Beta particles travel several feet in open air and are easily stopped by solid materials. When a beta particle has lost its energy, it is like any other loose electron. Whether in the outdoor environment or in the body, these electrons are then picked up by a positive ion. With that understanding, we know that Beta has to come from a radioactive source, like radioactive particulate blowing in the wind.

Some that we know of are as follows:

Strontium-90 is a commonly used beta emitter used in industrial sources. A lot of it is blowing over the United States from Fukushima so that would be one of the potential sources of Beta.

Tritium is a low-energy beta emitter and we know it is released from operating Nuclear Power plants with regularity. It is also leaking from Fukushima and we know it is being blown in the wind all over the northern hemisphere.

Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years, and decays by pure beta decay to a metastable state of barium-137. Again, Cesium is being blown in the winds from Fukushima.

Iodine 129 and 131 are also beta emitters, and could easily be blown in the wind from melting down nuclear power plants or from Radioactive waste that has escaped from containment.

Many radioactive isotopes (man made) from nuclear power plant operation are beta emitters. One example is Radon 224 which has a half life of 1.8 hours, so it could not be blowing from Fukushima, but could be blowing from New Mexico where they are storing exploding barrels of nuclear waste mixed with cat litter.

It is important to note that Cosmic Rays from space can strike Nitrogen atoms and turn the Nitrogen into Carbon 14, which is a Beta Emitter with a half life of over 5700 years. Thus Carbon 14 blowing past the detector port can cause slight fluctuations in Beta detection and can be net additive to Beta from other sources to create slight peaks in Beta measurement.

The Pentagon just released a report on global warming, calling it an "immediate risk" to national security. Praise God for honest men and women!

There are so many idiots out there who make sport of denying Global Heating as most intelligent people call it. It isn't Global Warming unless you are just referring to the ocean which will go up a couple of degrees Centigrade before everybody on the Planet starts dying of heat stroke.

Remember there are many processes in play here, especially the SELF REINFORCING FEEDBACK LOOPS. I have been asked what they are. Here are the most obvious.

1. Human activities increase global temperature through the addition of the heat-trapping (greenhouse) gases which most everybody has heard about. Then, the warmer Oceans and to a lesser degree the Atmosphere cause more evaporation of surface water on the planet. That evaporation increases the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, causing more warming which causes more evaporation which causes more warming. This process is a self-reinforcing cycle. Most of the retained heat goes into the ocean which on average has risen one degree Centigrade in the past third of a century. We are not talking about the surface temperature, but the average temperature of the ocean. The heat to do that is greater than all of the forest fires and atom bomb explosions and house fires and conventional weapons explosions known to man. We are talking about tremendous amounts of Heat energy in the ocean. It is like a gigantic battery.

2. Another self reinforcing feedback loop on the planet involves the melting of snow and ice. As the world warms, snow and ice, which are white and thus reflect heat away from the planet, begin to melt. With the Ice gone, darker land and water that were underneath the ice absorb the sun's rays increasing the warming of the soil or the ocean, which melts more ice.....

3. Another self reinforcing feedback loop involves carbon released from soils and as the Earth warms. Remember the sun is now shining on the soil and that warms it up. There exist Giga Tons of Carbon Dioxide and frozen Methane gas in frozen soils in the Arctic. As this “Permafrost” thaws, it will release ever-greater amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. In Siberia they are experiencing massive underground explosions when this happens. Wetter soil conditions tend to produce methane, while drier conditions produce carbon dioxide. As these greenhouse gases are released, they will cause more warming, which causes more thawing, which causes more ground warming.

4. Another self reinforcing feedback loop involves carbon released from under the oceans as the oceans warm from the heat trapped in the atmosphere that is sucked into the ocean every day gradually increasing the ocean temperature over one degree Centigrade towards two degrees Centigrade and on and on and on. At the three fourths degree rise point, the frozen methane on the arctic sea floor and in the muck and rocks below the sea floor started melting. This was the one thing that the Global Warming scientists were wrong on. They had predicted that it would take One and One Half Degrees Centigrade rise to start melting the methane, but it took only half that, and right now, three years later, it looks like we are off to the races when it comes to run away global HEATING.

For the short term we know that the changing weather will seriously effect countries with low lands near the oceans. Massive population shifts will be necessary as good farm land turns into desert. This is already happening in Iran, Australia and India, and each year that follows will get worse. Vast regions of countries will be running out of drinking water as many regions are fed by glaciers that are rapidly disappearing. We are going to have to deal with tremendous population and political upheaval globally as people migrate and are starving and dying because of the horrific changes that will be taking place.

It is good to see that the Pentagon is dealing with reality, and not deceiving itself like the Total Idiots who vote the "global warming denying politicians" to Congress. Those politicians are all on the take for MONEY FROM THE COAL AND OIL INDUSTRIES. Just like they are on the take for the money from the horribly corrupt Nuclear Industry, just like they are on the take from the Criminal Bankers who want legislation that allows them to run their Multi Trillion Dollar Scams of our Republic.

The End Result is that EVERYBODY DIES!


The Republiscams, under the influence of the Koch brothers and other Criminal Billionaire families, continues to call for major cuts in programs desperately needed by working families. Unbelievably, in this very tough economy, many Republiscams want cuts to Social Security (after they stole Trillions from the Trust Fund), Medicare, Medicaid, Public Education, Nutrition Programs and Environmental Programs. Shoot, we should just cut the Republiscams.

They are vigorously opposed to any increase in the minimum wage or a major jobs program that would put the unemployed back to work. John Boehner in the House openly brags that he has kept a jobs bill from coming out of committee for four years now! He always has that Satanic grin when he does his bragging.

We need to rid the world of Republiscams. The sooner we have a revolution and get rid of them the better. Remember, the only good Republiscam is a dead one or one in prison for life. They will kill you for profit and they expect the fools to enjoy it.

There are grinning clapping fools out there who support them, all the time not understanding that the Republiscams are piling up the national debt for the Grinnng Clapping Fools to pay off. Remember, Republiscams for the most part do not pay taxes. That is for the little people otherwise known as the Grinning Clapping Fools..

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


China’s service sector plummeted…! !

The HSBC/Markit purchasing managers index for services fell to 50.0 in July!

That is the midpoint between expansion and contraction—from 53.1 in June.

The data suggest the economy is stalling despite recent government stimulus measures. The fact of the matter is that government can only create so many job opportunities. China has been trying very hard to keep their 1.4 Billion people employed but they are running out of ideas. You can only build so many houses (They have a tremendous glut of uninhabited new homes and apartments. In fact, they have whole new cities that are vacant of people.)

Lack of employment means the people have to go back to the countryside for survival, but they already have a Billion peasants who are seriously underemployed. Unemployment results in poverty and nothing to do but RIOT; or, at least, get angry with the powers in control in the country.

They already have too many Islamics in China who hate the government and are engaged in a war of terror that occasionally makes the news in the western press.

China has BIG problems developing and are not taking proactive steps to solve the problems. Thus an Empire falls.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scamming the Republic is TREASON and should be treated that way.

Outbreak? Did anybody shout outbreak? Do you remember those University Students in New Jersey who were being urgently vaccinated against a Meningitis outbreak? The same thing happened in California. We called at least one strain of Meningitis as "Kissing Disease" when I was in high school. You actually have to go out of your way to get it. It can not be spread like a cold or the flu. To avoid it's spread, caution the students. Sucking face spreads bacteria and viruses.

Our, Great and Nifty CDC which is totally controlled by Republiscam money coming from Republiscam corportations just want a share of taxpayer money (I.e. Republic money, thus they are scamming the Republic.) Remember it is all about profit and the American taxpayers provide that profit. The CDC called for and shouted about a Pandemic when there wasn't one, to help a drug company with decreasing profits. OMG, what we have here is a typical case of Republiscamming at its devious best.

Now, in America (with our easily purchased CDC) we have heard of and seen many fast-track drug approvals that result in deaths and incapacitating illnesses because the vaccine was not tested in any efficacious manner. We have seen the body's immune system (enticed by vaccines) start to attack the patient's brain and the unfortunate victims (especially the young) have bouts of uncontrollable sleeping.

Not Good! Totally not good!!

Other patients experience serious complications from new medicines and vaccines, and some usually die. Remember how many times I have pointed out that the Republiscams do not give a damn about how many people they hurt, just as long as they can increase their profits!

The recent episode of meningitis that was hyped and presented as an "outbreak" all to benefit the CDCs drug-making friends at a corrupt drug company like Novartis (I.e. Even though foreign, they are Republiscam run for more and more profit. Most of the major companies of the world that do business in the United States are run on Republiscam principles. Total corruption, all the time for their God, money)

So we had an unapproved drug is rushed across the Atlantic and quickly administered to students at two universities who were frightened into being guinea pigs.

Not Good! Totally not good!!

Folks, this is wrong and should not go unpunished. Hell, I keep on repeating this and everybody is apathetic, and nobody wants to take action.

For so many years now, I have been calling for Constitutional Revision to declare this type of Republiscamming a felony with a direct tie to a death penalty for executives thus convicted. (Felony = Death Penalty.) They kill us with no remorse! We need to make their crime punishable by Capital Punishment

We also need to apply that judgment to every corrupt officer of any governmental agency. We need to especially apply it to the Nuclear Industry executive and the NRC which is staffed with nuclear industry executives who are all counting their money and laughing at all of the millions they have killed. Failure to get tough on this murderous and injurious type of crime will only result in more and more hundreds of millions dying. Either get tough now, or die later while the republic scamming criminals count their profits.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There Is No Place Like Home, (provided it is the right home.)

My wife and I both snore. The only solution that I have found that works and allows both of us to have peaceful nights sleep is separate bedrooms. They are right across from each other, but the wall softens the sound. Now, as an old man if I wake up and hear my wife snoring, it is a reassuring and comforting sound because I know I am safe at home. I can turn over and go right back to sleep. In my working days I traveled a lot on business meetings. As a manager working for Pacific Bell (SBC and eventually AT&T as the company expanded) I worked in San Diego in a massive Data Communications and Computer Center but traveled a lot to northern cities where I slept in wonderful clean hotel rooms in very nice hotels and usually slept fairly well. Still, to get a good night's sleep I know from experience, it is always best to be home.

Foreign environments without the sounds and smells of home tend to make me fidgety; not ill tempered, but not totally comfortable. After all it was not THAT many generations ago that we left our caves that had distinctive sounds and smells that also reassured us.

I realized a long time ago that the sounds and smells of home are psychologically reassuring and even comforting; and understood the meaning of "There is no place like home." What I did not realize was how deep the memories of home can linger.

I had a fellow senior citizen tell me a few years ago that when he reached middle age he realized that he was always restless at home. Something was wrong, but he did not know what it was. He had gone through two marriages and would always be stressed out with his wife when at home. He used to argue with both wives of things that were of no importance.

He sought help. The Psychiatrist that he consulted asked him many questions about his Russian immigrant parents who came to America after the Russian revolution. After asking specifically about what his mother cooked and then about how often his mother used cabbage in the stews and soups that she cooked, told the man that to be comfortable at home he needed his wife to cook with cabbage.

As he told me, he initially thought the Doctor was a fruitcake, but when he tried it by cooking a simple cabbage soup in the evening, he slept easily, was not easily agitated and turned out to be a very loving man at home. After Perestroika, he went to Russia and returned with a Russian wife and instructed her to cook lots of old Russian soups and stews for their afternoon and evening meals. He would not care if the house smelled of cabbage.

He turned out to be one of the most mild and mellow guys I ever knew and he never argued with his third wife. And to think the smell of cabbage in his "cave" could have such a soothing effect.

We all need to find out what the "cabbage" is (or Cabbages are) in our lives and make certain they are there. One of them for me is my wife's snoring.

Make certain you create a home environment that is pleasing to you. Do not pay attention to "modern living" magazines that try to establish a false image about what your home should look like.

Instead, pay attention to your inner being. I have had many very rich friends (fellow managers from work) who did not look comfortable in their homes. They all had a low stress index and would snap at other people very easily. Years ago people would say that those managers were high strung. I think they just do not have the right home environment, one that comforts them every evening and night before they go back out to the nasty competitive business world.

So for many, I suggest, make your home comfortable and try to avoid the modern showplace appearance as it can be stressful and may very well ruin your quality of life.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Frightening Continuing Costs of Artificially Created Unemployment.

Remembering that Government was created OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People; WE THE PEOPLE need to rise up and demand far better employment numbers from our government. Government can stimulate employment, and it does not need to be the direct source of the jobs.

By failing to address our serious underemployment and unemployment that is grievously effecting 23% of our real work force, we have, in fact, been destroying a whole generation and sacrificing our future. The Republiscams under Boehner in the House of Representatives are playing a game in that they are supposedly “focused on decreasing the deficit” with the pretend goal of decreasing the national debt that the Republiscams created in the first place with all of their damn phony wars and wasteful Military Industrial Complex Spending.

In doing this insane nonsense, Boehner et al are totally ignoring job growth FOR the People. Being JOB FRIENDLY is a government responsibility.

Job growth creates more job growth and that creates revenue for the government that can and usually does decrease the deficit, especially when you are removing people from the assistance roles. Yet, not one Republiscam in Congress is intelligent enough to understand this simple concept. It is either that, or they just do not give a damn about anybody except themselves. They understand Personal Greed very, very well; but they do not understand the importance of Job Creation in a high unemployment environment. It works and has worked many times in the past. I have witnessed it with my own eyes.

The Republiscams would have you believe that the long term unemployed are unemployable and thus, “just so much rabble” that should receive serious cutbacks in support because they are “takers.” Though I am certain that there are a few of them that would fall into that “taker” category, most of the chronically unemployed who are not seriously disabled would willingly work if there was work available.

People take pride in being self supporting. They prefer that to a handout. I see that every day here in Southern California with the Central American and southern Mexican “Native Americans” (Indians) who have migrated illegally to this country looking for any kind of work no matter how menial and degrading it may be, as long as they can send a few dollars to their wives and children far to the south.

There is tremendous nobility in their efforts to try to provide for their families since there is little or no work in their native villages and in their countries because of the Fortunate Son Bush created Global Recession that is still very real to most of the countries of the world. The United States Federal Reserve has loaned out 40 Trillion Dollars to refloat the world economy; and yet, the people are barely treading water. It is UGLY out there.

Most of our job creation in the past three years has been in the low paying service sector. Business growth is lagging and investment in new businesses is not there thanks to the weak economy and an actual decrease in average work hours and average pay in the Middle Class. People do not have as much money to spend and sales are weak. That results in cuts to the sales force.

Are we really that concerned about debt and the deficit under the present faltering economic conditions? Remember, if the Federal Reserve holds the debt, we pay no interest on it regardless of the interest rate stamped on the US Bonds. The Federal Reserve is non profit and deposits all of our interest payments in the US Treasury for us to use again. That, folks, is a damn good deal. The Federal Reserve has been the salvation of the United States for years now.

Republiscams = Republic Scammers = Criminals who scam the government for personal financial gain. = Traitors (Mass Murderers, Liars, Thieves!)

They are Fat Cat Industrialists, Bankers and Politicians OF ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR NONE who have taken over our country for the practice of their religion which is the worship of money and the massive accumulation of same, and they do not care who or how many they kill to get it.

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