Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Pentagon just released a report on global warming, calling it an "immediate risk" to national security. Praise God for honest men and women!

There are so many idiots out there who make sport of denying Global Heating as most intelligent people call it. It isn't Global Warming unless you are just referring to the ocean which will go up a couple of degrees Centigrade before everybody on the Planet starts dying of heat stroke.

Remember there are many processes in play here, especially the SELF REINFORCING FEEDBACK LOOPS. I have been asked what they are. Here are the most obvious.

1. Human activities increase global temperature through the addition of the heat-trapping (greenhouse) gases which most everybody has heard about. Then, the warmer Oceans and to a lesser degree the Atmosphere cause more evaporation of surface water on the planet. That evaporation increases the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, causing more warming which causes more evaporation which causes more warming. This process is a self-reinforcing cycle. Most of the retained heat goes into the ocean which on average has risen one degree Centigrade in the past third of a century. We are not talking about the surface temperature, but the average temperature of the ocean. The heat to do that is greater than all of the forest fires and atom bomb explosions and house fires and conventional weapons explosions known to man. We are talking about tremendous amounts of Heat energy in the ocean. It is like a gigantic battery.

2. Another self reinforcing feedback loop on the planet involves the melting of snow and ice. As the world warms, snow and ice, which are white and thus reflect heat away from the planet, begin to melt. With the Ice gone, darker land and water that were underneath the ice absorb the sun's rays increasing the warming of the soil or the ocean, which melts more ice.....

3. Another self reinforcing feedback loop involves carbon released from soils and as the Earth warms. Remember the sun is now shining on the soil and that warms it up. There exist Giga Tons of Carbon Dioxide and frozen Methane gas in frozen soils in the Arctic. As this “Permafrost” thaws, it will release ever-greater amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. In Siberia they are experiencing massive underground explosions when this happens. Wetter soil conditions tend to produce methane, while drier conditions produce carbon dioxide. As these greenhouse gases are released, they will cause more warming, which causes more thawing, which causes more ground warming.

4. Another self reinforcing feedback loop involves carbon released from under the oceans as the oceans warm from the heat trapped in the atmosphere that is sucked into the ocean every day gradually increasing the ocean temperature over one degree Centigrade towards two degrees Centigrade and on and on and on. At the three fourths degree rise point, the frozen methane on the arctic sea floor and in the muck and rocks below the sea floor started melting. This was the one thing that the Global Warming scientists were wrong on. They had predicted that it would take One and One Half Degrees Centigrade rise to start melting the methane, but it took only half that, and right now, three years later, it looks like we are off to the races when it comes to run away global HEATING.

For the short term we know that the changing weather will seriously effect countries with low lands near the oceans. Massive population shifts will be necessary as good farm land turns into desert. This is already happening in Iran, Australia and India, and each year that follows will get worse. Vast regions of countries will be running out of drinking water as many regions are fed by glaciers that are rapidly disappearing. We are going to have to deal with tremendous population and political upheaval globally as people migrate and are starving and dying because of the horrific changes that will be taking place.

It is good to see that the Pentagon is dealing with reality, and not deceiving itself like the Total Idiots who vote the "global warming denying politicians" to Congress. Those politicians are all on the take for MONEY FROM THE COAL AND OIL INDUSTRIES. Just like they are on the take for the money from the horribly corrupt Nuclear Industry, just like they are on the take from the Criminal Bankers who want legislation that allows them to run their Multi Trillion Dollar Scams of our Republic.

The End Result is that EVERYBODY DIES!


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