Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Republiscams, under the influence of the Koch brothers and other Criminal Billionaire families, continues to call for major cuts in programs desperately needed by working families. Unbelievably, in this very tough economy, many Republiscams want cuts to Social Security (after they stole Trillions from the Trust Fund), Medicare, Medicaid, Public Education, Nutrition Programs and Environmental Programs. Shoot, we should just cut the Republiscams.

They are vigorously opposed to any increase in the minimum wage or a major jobs program that would put the unemployed back to work. John Boehner in the House openly brags that he has kept a jobs bill from coming out of committee for four years now! He always has that Satanic grin when he does his bragging.

We need to rid the world of Republiscams. The sooner we have a revolution and get rid of them the better. Remember, the only good Republiscam is a dead one or one in prison for life. They will kill you for profit and they expect the fools to enjoy it.

There are grinning clapping fools out there who support them, all the time not understanding that the Republiscams are piling up the national debt for the Grinnng Clapping Fools to pay off. Remember, Republiscams for the most part do not pay taxes. That is for the little people otherwise known as the Grinning Clapping Fools..

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