Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scamming the Republic is TREASON and should be treated that way.

Outbreak? Did anybody shout outbreak? Do you remember those University Students in New Jersey who were being urgently vaccinated against a Meningitis outbreak? The same thing happened in California. We called at least one strain of Meningitis as "Kissing Disease" when I was in high school. You actually have to go out of your way to get it. It can not be spread like a cold or the flu. To avoid it's spread, caution the students. Sucking face spreads bacteria and viruses.

Our, Great and Nifty CDC which is totally controlled by Republiscam money coming from Republiscam corportations just want a share of taxpayer money (I.e. Republic money, thus they are scamming the Republic.) Remember it is all about profit and the American taxpayers provide that profit. The CDC called for and shouted about a Pandemic when there wasn't one, to help a drug company with decreasing profits. OMG, what we have here is a typical case of Republiscamming at its devious best.

Now, in America (with our easily purchased CDC) we have heard of and seen many fast-track drug approvals that result in deaths and incapacitating illnesses because the vaccine was not tested in any efficacious manner. We have seen the body's immune system (enticed by vaccines) start to attack the patient's brain and the unfortunate victims (especially the young) have bouts of uncontrollable sleeping.

Not Good! Totally not good!!

Other patients experience serious complications from new medicines and vaccines, and some usually die. Remember how many times I have pointed out that the Republiscams do not give a damn about how many people they hurt, just as long as they can increase their profits!

The recent episode of meningitis that was hyped and presented as an "outbreak" all to benefit the CDCs drug-making friends at a corrupt drug company like Novartis (I.e. Even though foreign, they are Republiscam run for more and more profit. Most of the major companies of the world that do business in the United States are run on Republiscam principles. Total corruption, all the time for their God, money)

So we had an unapproved drug is rushed across the Atlantic and quickly administered to students at two universities who were frightened into being guinea pigs.

Not Good! Totally not good!!

Folks, this is wrong and should not go unpunished. Hell, I keep on repeating this and everybody is apathetic, and nobody wants to take action.

For so many years now, I have been calling for Constitutional Revision to declare this type of Republiscamming a felony with a direct tie to a death penalty for executives thus convicted. (Felony = Death Penalty.) They kill us with no remorse! We need to make their crime punishable by Capital Punishment

We also need to apply that judgment to every corrupt officer of any governmental agency. We need to especially apply it to the Nuclear Industry executive and the NRC which is staffed with nuclear industry executives who are all counting their money and laughing at all of the millions they have killed. Failure to get tough on this murderous and injurious type of crime will only result in more and more hundreds of millions dying. Either get tough now, or die later while the republic scamming criminals count their profits.

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