Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Bush left us with a 40 Trillion Dollar debt hidden in the Federal Reserve and he added Trillions to the official National Debt. Obama has carried forward the rescue packages for the economy after the disastrous Bush Run Mortgage Banking Scam and Fraud, that was totally criminal in everything that Bush, Greenspan and Bernanke did to create it and keep it going for financial advantage. It was all designed to get Trillions of Dollars out to the Republic Scamming bankers who could profit tremendously thereby.

People need to get educated as to what is going on in our country! A band of thieves is robbing us blind and they are doing it right out in plain sight. Sadly ninety percent of the people do not have a clue about how corrupt everything is. They are totally oblivious to reality! The debt is out there, folks, and it is very real and it is going to destroy this country eventually. How much can we continue to carry forward before it destroys this nation?

How in the hell are we ever going to pay back that 40 Trillion of Federal Reserve Debt that Bush and Bernanke gave us? I do not have a sectarian position with respect to this, though I generally vote Republican. I am just against The Horrible Criminals who are ruining this great nation. They come from both political parties and no political parties as I have repeatedly warned people. The Big Businessmen among their ranks are quite often apolitical, but still totally corrupt and very proficient at scamming our republic.

The criminals I call Republic Scammers because they are Scamming our Republic. What a simplistic name! And it is easy to remember.

They are leaving us with tremendous and overwhelming debt while they rob us blind and they have been vigorously doing it for half a century now. Those criminals are giving themselves tremendous tax breaks so that they will not have to pay for the bulk of the debt that they have created. Instead, they are forcing the Middle Class to pay! Damn! Double Damn!!

Many of them have also purchased large plots of farmland overseas to Bug Out to if riots start in this country.

Horrible Criminals like Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush have left this nation 60 Trillion Dollars in debt (and over 110 Trillion Dollars in debt when you add in unfunded obligations that were supposed to be funded years ago but the money was stolen by the Republic Scammers like Reagan) and we, the middle class, can not pay it back. At least I know I can't.

We have spent 21 Trillion Dollars on insanely stupid phony wars and people actually vote these satanic Warmongering sons of bit*hes into office. From those stupid wars, we have an official 17 Trillion Dollars National Debt that we never should have had. Evil criminals like Reagan who raided the Social Security Trust fund to build his 600 ship Navy (When I was a Naval Officer so I saw it first hand) and now the criminals want to cut Social Security because Reagan spent all that money. Folks, this is very wrong.

Now, these Republic Scammers have bought Congress and the Federal Regulatory agencies that are supposed to govern the Banking Industry, the Investment Industry, the Nuclear Industry, the Chemical Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Petroleum Industry the Medical Industry, the massive Agricultural Industry and a host of others so that they can get away with murdering innocents by the Hundreds of Millions. They do this without governmental restraint while generating tremendous profits for their executives, RepublicScams, all.



We need to put them all on trial for their crimes against humanity. While we are at it, we should impound their illgotten gains.At the very least they should all be put in prison!

No luxury 9 hole golf course retirement centers for them to serve as their prisons because they are wealthy and privileged. Put them right in with the Mexican Mafia where they can learn first hand how the other half of the evil criminal world lives.

It is either that or we mercifully give them the death penalty as a warning to future generations that we will never again let criminals run our banking systems and our government and create wars all over the world for the Military Industrial Complex companies. Eisenhower warned us about the MIC over and over again before leaving office. So sad that we did not heed those warnings.


Republiscams = Republic Scammers = Criminals who scam the government for personal financial gain. = Traitors (Murderers, Liars, Thieves!)

They are Fat Cat Industrialists, Bankers and Politicians of [u][i][b]Any Political Party (or none)[/b][/i][/u] who have taken over our country for the practice of their religion which is the worship of money and the massive accumulation of same.

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