Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Nuclear Industry -- An Evil Empire Entirely On Its Own

Germany is shutting down their nuclear industry because their scientists working independently from their Nuclear Industry proved that living in proximity to operating nuclear plants causes cancer, particularly leukemia in developing children and breast cancer in young women who have developing breast tissue because they just gave birth.

We need to shut down all of our Water Moderated Nuclear Reactors as we know they are horribly polluting the countryside (especially the downwind countryside, like Riverside East-north-east of San Onofre where breast cancer is horribly elevated.) Everywhere they are located cancer is elevated. The Nuclear industry will not tell you this, and since they control the Regulatory Agencies that are supposed to regulate THEM, the Regulatory Agencies (like the NRC or the old AEC) will not tell you either. In fact they engage in coverups. Germany had that problem (The nuclear industry controlled the Regulatory Agencies) and the nuclear industry was estimated to have killed close to half a million Germans with Cancer before the German people woke up to the reality that they were being killed off for Fat Cat personal financial profit.

Remember my definition of a Republic Scamming Businessman. They do not care how many people they kill as long as they can make more and more and more of their God, which is "MONEY."

You can die for their profit. I can die for their profit. They do not give a rats ass if we die as long as they can make more MONEY.

The Germans have a fantastic democracy. It actually responds to the will of the people unlike our democracy (Congress) which has been bought by Big Business and will do anything that Big Business wants, including invading Afghanistan because the Taliban would not sign Rare Earth mining/exploration contracts with American companies. The Karzai dictatorship has. It is amazing how American Big Business can control the governments of Third World Countries. And then we wonder why the Third World people hate us.

As regards storage of Nuclear Waste, All of it can be stored at Yucca Flats underground where there is no serious potential problems. The only problem with that is that environmentalists in that state (Nevada) have the State standing up to the Federal Government denying the right to store nuclear waste there. The US government needs to separate Yucca Flats from the State of Nevada and make it a Federal Territory without any voting population so that it can be used for storage. Part of the money that goes to the Crazy environmentalists comes from the Nuclear Industry itself.


Simple, it is far less expensive to store the dangerous Nuclear Fuel at the Polluting Reactor sites, (Where the fuel is waiting for a terrorist attack that will be directed towards creating a nuclear melt down that could contaminate ten thousand square miles and cause tens of millions of cancer cases in the coming years.) Unfukushimabelievable, but it will happen if we do not get those fuel rods in storage at a secure facility like the one in Nevada.

I have been writing Congress about this issue for years and have been getting no response. Since almost all of our congressmen are taking money from the Nuclear Industry, they do not want to respond. Everybody wants to ignore the reality that we are just tempting terrorists the world over to come and kill us.

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