Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Communst China will unblock Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times

China will unblock Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times, but only in its new Shanghai free trade zone.


Too much information available to the Public can cause unrest. I post frequently about the Chinese Bio-Weapons program and they do not want their public knowing about their trialing their Bio-Weapons program on their own people in 2005. I have written about that several times on this forum as well as many other forums. Back in 2005 when I was posting about it, BBC interviewed me. American news media were totally oblivious as to what was happening because they were too stupid and ignorant to read the Boxun news posting site to follow what was going in deep inside Communist China.

As most of you know, Boxun informed the world that there was a new respiratory illness that was killing many people inside China. That turned out to be SARS and we had been warned about it by the Boxun posters months in advance before it escaped from China and spread to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and elsewhere before it was contained. The Chinese biological weapons branch of the Army gathered a wealth of information about how the West would respond to that laboratory altered/manufactured virus. Now, they are experimenting with MERS in the Middle East.

Thus, Shanghai which is like a "Totally Above the Riff Raff of the Peasants Zone" is being trialed to western Internet access to see if too much accurate information starts reaching the peasants. They are really afraid of a "Stupid Peasant Uprising" which they plan to control by the use of Bio Weapons on the peasants.

The twenty percent of the population which is Upper Class and Communist Party Cadre have already been inoculated against the Bio Weapons. Back in 2005, nearly 300 Million people were inoculated against improved (Ebola/Hemorrhagic Flu Like) H7N9 when it was released that year. It almost got away from the Chinese army in Szechuan Province, and China was terrified for a while and used the Army to entirely isolate the province and exterminate the populace in areas where the remote villagers were dying; but, the virus mutated on its own and switched to a pig to pig virus instead of human to human transmission. It still carried the capacity to be "Ebola like," but at the end, only butchers were dying overnight after butchering pigs (Supposedly, microscopic nicks on their fingers allowed them to contract the virus.) That was covered up by the government in official news releases that maintained that a benign pig bacteria Strep Suis was causing all of the deaths of the butchers in such short order. Many died within 24 hours of butchering the pigs, and bacteria infection does not spread that fast. The western media ate that up. BBC told me to stay in touch, and the whole issue was swept under the rug by the Western Media until pigs started floating down the Rivers in China last year. It was then that I knew that H7N9 was being trialed again.

So when will they release their viruses? Only the Communist leadership knows for certain what their timeline is. I personally think they want to modernize (Dams, Freeways, and other improvements) the country as much as possible before they take out the rest of the world and their Sixty percent peasant population that they see as just so many useless eaters.

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