Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Primo Stage of Capitalism That Destroys the World is Upon Us.

As I have been telling everybody for over a third of a century now, the United States has become a "Nazi-Like" State. The ruling party is not the Republicans or the Democrats. Instead, it is the Republiscams composed of members from both political parties and even people who have no political leaning.

I believe we are at what I call the "Primo Capitalist Stage" of capitalist development, and the world is suffering because of it. (Primo means "First" in American slang and it means "Cousin" in Spanish. Capitalism has reached the Primo stage when profit becomes the major concern - "Profit First" - and when there is a divide between ownership and labor - instead of being brotherly towards each other, Ownership treats and keeps labor as a "Long Lost Distant Cousin.")

"Huhhhh, What???!!!" you say?

Sure you heard me right. It is my theory that political governance is constantly in a state of Change. To me that seems most obvious. The only thing that is certain is that there will be change. It may be for "Good" or it may be for "Bad," but there will always be change. We are now seeing the "Bad at its Absolute Worst!"

The Communists under the teachings of Marx, Engels, and Lenin believed that in the natural progression of world economic systems and governance, Capitalism gives way to Socialism and Socialism eventually to the ideal Communist world in which everybody is equal (Brothers, not Distant Cousins).

Unfortunately, they found that their theory about that progression gets railroaded because people are not as productive when they are NOT trying to get "Something for Themselves." You can call it GREED or just a desire for self improvement, but it is a reality.

Thus, any attempts to run a Communist government or even a strong Socialist government are met with tremendous inefficiency and a slowing of productivity. The Soviet Union just could not compete with the Industrialized Western Nations and realized the error of its ways. Communist China looked at what happened to the Soviet Union and realized they needed to get on the productivity bandwagon and have done so quite well. Thus Communism in the Industrialized world seems to have fallen to the wayside.

To increase productivity, the workers need to see substantive reward for their productivity and increased reward for increased productivity. Thus some form of Capitalism is good for the country and the workers and the employers. We know that and have seen it with our own eyes and know it to be proven theory. (Otherwise referred to as FACT.)

Yet, Capitalism can have abuses in the system when Employers (Ownership and or Upper Management of the industry or business) insist on most of the wealth coming to them (because of vain-glorious concepts of themselves as a special class of people who are better than the rest. An "Upper Caste" if you want to call it that.) Little if any of the wealth is then distributed among the employees. Thus, wages do not go up and the profit generated by the workers goes to the nefarious RICH UPPER CLASS (The Uber Reich).

Capitalism has to have strict regulation or it gets out of control. We do not have that regulation in the United States.

Oh, Yes, we pretend that we do, but it does not work because of massive corruption in the Greed Index that motivates people. The Major Corporations control the Federal Agencies that are supposed to govern them. That is the greatest evidence of Evil in Capitalism we can find next to a partnership of government officials, both representative and regulatory, acquiring vast streams of wealth from the corrupt corporations (Banking, Industrial, Mining, Philanthropic, ....) for favors rendered, both past and present. (And some people actually wonder how politicians get so fabulously wealthy after retirement? Wonder not, as they are being compensated for previous favors rendered. Witness the extended Bush family from Hitler's Banker Prescott on down to the worst criminal in history, Fortunate Son Bush sometimes called Dubya.)

What we have in the United States is almost an exact copy of Nazi Germany; though, is is a far longer lasting copy.

The Republiscams are in partnership with Big Business to make money. The Nazi's were in partnership with Big Business to make money.

The Republiscams do not care how many millions of people they kill with their wars or their poisoning of the world environment, as long as they can make money from those wars no matter how ludicrous the justification is for going to war.

The Nazi's did not care how many millions of people they killed with their wars or their other activities as long as they could make money.

We claim to be a Christian nation, but the reality is that we are not following the teachings of Christ. "Love your Brother" is not evident in our killing of millions and our efforts to control the natural resources of other countries. It most certainly is not evident in the recent pronouncement by Obama that we are going to further facilitate the killing of thousands of innocents in Syria by giving American weapons to the forces fighting against the government. Those forces include a lot of Al Qaeda elements as well as crazy people who love to see and generate chaos. I guess those Arabs in Syria are not our brothers as they are long lost distant cousins that we want to keep distant.

This change that we have seen in our governance have become Totally Evil and is Capitalism at the absolute height of corruption.

Just like we destroyed the Nazi's, we need to destroy the Republiscams. They are ruining the world.

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