Friday, June 7, 2013


People are finally starting to wake up. I have been pointing out for way too many years that we have far outdone Nazi Germany in every area of evil that they brought to the world, and yet the majority of people are still in total denial in this country. The poor people of the Middle East understand what is going on, but the American people with their great educational systems do not.

1. We have killed way over 80 Million people with our nuclear programs and the wave of cancer it has brought to the world (Atom Bomb testing as well as Nuclear Power Fuel Processing and Uranium mining and distribution of faulty American designed plants all over the globe) AND the Nuclear Industry controls our regulatory agencies so that they seldom have to make good on cleaning up their pollution. They just let it dilute with the soil and oceans of the Earth and we eat it in our food and thus get Cancer. Nazi Germany could only be blamed for 30 million deaths from all of their evil deeds.

2. We have stolen a hundred trillion dollars or more from the other countries of the world by installing dictators or phony kings and then signing lucrative deals with those false leaders (That our CIA or military have put in power). In that process, we have raped the Middle East and we have raped Latin America and we are now raping southern Asia. Little Nazi Germany stole a few Billion Dollars worth of resources and gold and artwork from the countries that it invaded or the people that it exterminated. Almost insignificant by comparison to what we have done.

3. We have made up imaginary causes for wars so that the Military Industrial Complex could profit handsomely on Federal spending that has caused the deaths of Millions and Millions of Third World people from poor countries all over the planet.

4. Republiscam run American corporations have killed millions of people both in the United States and around the world with their total satanic indifference to human life.

Our Banking Industry has pillaged the world to the tune of Tens of Trillions of Dollars. Nazi banks never could do that.

Our Coal Industry has killed millions with radioactive coal ash, and hundreds of thousands more with pollution AND they control our Federal regulatory agencies so that they seldom have to make good on cleaning up their pollution. (Pile it here and pile it there while ripping the Earth apart and creating environmental destruction and massive water pollution.) Where is the Federal Control???

Our international petroleum industries have killed hundreds of thousands with pollution and are destroying the environment AND they control our Federal regulatory agencies so that they seldom have to make good on totally cleaning up their pollution. (They only have to create the impression that they have, as we have seen in the Gulf.)

The American pharmaceutical industry has killed hundreds of thousands with improperly tested drugs that they have sold to the world's public. And again we see an industry that has control over the Federal regulatory agency that is supposed to oversee them. No wonder they get away with such horrific murders and indifference to human suffering!

The American Bio-Chemical Industry is raping the world and causing farmers to lose their farms and commit suicide while at the same time polluting our food with chemical alterations that have not been studied. They do this all for profit and do not care how many people they kill.

I could go on and on and on and on, but the reality is that Big Industry Nazi Germany (The Nazi Party drew its strength from money supplied by Big Industry in Germany) was small potatoes compared to the Big Industry (Republiscam Run) United States of America. The Republiscams in Congress draw their money from Republiscam run businesses. The only thing that has changed since 1945 is that the Republiscams have supplanted the Nazis and done much much more damage to the world.

The Republiscams control our War Industry and dictate what wars we should fight and always have the CIA at their disposal to kill anybody who stands in their way.

The Republiscams control our Polluting Industries and care little for all the lives lost.

The Republiscams control our political decisions and even use the CIA in this country to effect change.

The Republiscams control numerous other industries and do not give a damn how many people they kill on their way to generate outrageous profit.

The Republiscams are far more powerful than the Nazis in Germany ever were. They are far more evil; and far, far more deadly, too.

We made war against the Nazi's for what comparative small evil they brought to the people of the world. We destroyed the residential areas of their cities and killed millions of innocent women and children simply because they were German and we needed to kill Germans (as if they were an inferior race we needed to eliminate).

So, who is going to make war against the horrible enslaving evil the Republiscams have brought to the world? It is possible to eliminate the American Republiscams and still let the American nation survive with its presently failing experiment with representative democracy?

Americans, just like the German people are for the most part innocent for the wrong the Republiscam run nation has done, because they were ignorant of what was going on and were just taking orders from authority. Will that buy us any grace in the eyes of the world?

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