Thursday, March 7, 2013

When did the Republican Party Become so Racist?

Individuals can be racist, but the morally corrupt Political Party that courts the RACISTS of the DEEP SOUTH is now the Republican Party. That is an historical fact that nobody can deny, just look at whom they get their votes from. Go to any of the maps of the states carried by the presidential aspirants and you will see the Republican hold on the still openly racist Confederate South.

Anybody who follows the American Political Scene knows that the Racial Hatred spewing Dixiecrats swung over en masse to support Reagan when he ran for president against Jimmy Carter. Those satanic racist are still courted by the Republican party and you can see how the Corrupt Machine in Southern States that had been set up by the Old Southern Democrats quickly became the Corrupt Republican Machine. Witness the vote rigging that went on in Florida to try to illegally give Fortunate Son Bush the presidency by invalidating the votes of thousands of servicemen mailing ballots back home through the military postal mailing system.

Katherine Harris ran that scam by claiming those ballots invalid because there were no stamps on the envelopes (Service men and women overseas were given free postage when deployed and she knew it.) Katherine used that ruse to attempt to take away the vote of all of those young people who predominantly vote Democratic.

Katherine also arranged for all the old out of date IBM style Punch Card voting machines to be moved to Miami Dade County which was overwhelming Democratic and then she invalidated thousands of ballots if there was any hanging chad on the punch out ballot which happened with tremendous frequency with those old cards. Total Corruption from her and the Criminal Republican Governor Jeb Bush to try to get the Republicans to carry Florida. They invalidated thousands of ballots to do that. Even then they could not succeed, so they used a ruse of tabulating a count so as to make it look like Bush was ahead and then asked the Supreme Court to rule that their criminal shenanigans were legal. The Republiscam dominated Supreme Court made that ruling, even though they had no legal right to do so. State Law is "State Law" and not under the authority of the Federal Legal System unless the State Law is in violation of Federal Law. The Florida state law on recounts was totally legal.

The racial prejudice and open corruption is practiced all through the South just as it has been for the past Century and a half. Before the Voting Rights Act, most Blacks in the south were denied the right to vote. Now, the Republican party controls those states and courts the evil racists that still abound down there.

Note on the Wiki maps below how the Republicans controlled the South. If the Democrats in Florida had their votes counted fairly, That satanicly corrupt SOB Bush would never have become president and we never would have had the 41 Trillion Dollar Mortgage Banking Scam and Fraud, and the whole world would not now be facing a massive Global Depression.,_2000

Here are links to the other election maps on Wiki.,_2004 Here are the Reagan wins. Note that Jimmy Carter, a southerner only carried one southern state, because the Dixiecrats had swung over to Reagan.,_1980,_1984

Reagan carried the entire south in 84. Impressive when you consider that he came from a liberal state like California.

Note that Criminal CIA Bush carried the entire south in 1988,_1988

In 1992, Bill Clinton a southerner only carried four confederate southern states, and he carried three of them because of Ross Perot running as an independent and taking a lot of conservative southern votes away from Bush.,_1992

Perot ran again in 1996 and Clinton was able to use his Conservative vote splitting to carry four Confederate states again.

The Racists continue to overwhelmingly support the Republican Party.

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