Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moral Government is Evolving into Immoral Government

When our nation was conceived it was led by men of great moral and ethical character.

In the present era, our political process has become grossly corrupted by politicians who do not value honesty, integrity, morality and principle. It appears obvious to me that they value only one thing from government, and that is “Money.”

I hear many people claiming that Congress is so corrupt that all it does now-a-days is play sectarian games. The old art of compromise that we saw as common in the Eisenhower and Kennedy years is no longer present in Washington. I hear even more people tell me that both political parties From top to bottom have become so corrupt that fair and objective government is out of the question.

I do not think it is that simple. Sure there is corruption by both parties in Congress and even in the occasional independent, but that is not the Major issue. The Major problem in this country is the fact a strong majority of the Conservative political “Right Wing” has become detached from reality and has grasped the policies of the Nazi party of Germany as a standard method of operation.

What you say? Well, here is the issue. The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany was Socialist in name, and it stressed employment for all workers that were capable, but the reality of the true operation of the party was that it was in alliance with Big Business in Germany. It promised Big Business contracts and little hindrance from Government as long as Big Business supported the government both in voter support and in providing money to lubricate the politics of the country. The Nazi’s would even provide slave labor for Big Business if the companies needed those workers. Ethical corruption in Germany was rampant.

Much the same thing has been happening in the United States from the date of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. Just like Congress concluded a few years ago, I fully believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

Once he was killed the Military Industrial Complex felt that if they could buy Congress they would have free reign to help push for war and to profit handsomely thereby.

The major polluting industries realized that if they could buy Congress they would have free reign to wage war on the environment and when occasionally called to task for serious accidents they would only pay token fines rather than spend large amounts of money to prevent major polluting accidents.

The Pharmaceutical Industry realized that if they could bribe Congress they could make more money by being less careful about human lives. Consequently we have a great many drugs available in the world marketplace that are ineffective or dangerous for the consumer. For generations now they have conducted sham tests on their products and then quickly release them to the unsuspecting public.

The Banking Industries realized that if they could buy Congress they could make tremendous wealth once safety restrictions were removed from banking regulations. They have proven that they could influence the stock market and bid it up and down on any given day with trading programs. They eventually realized that they could control the economy and place legal (but not ethical) bets on both the movement of the market and the economy and profit tremendously thereby.

It got so corrupt that Bankers did not really worry about job security. Their object in their lives is to make a quick killing in the derivative bets that they make in the market while knowing with certainty that they have control over what they are betting on. Once they make their Millions they can then retire to some near tropical paradise. Almost all of the executives who are profiting from all of this illegal activity know that the worst that can happen is that they will have to pay minor fines Like CIA Bush and his sons Neil and Jeb did when they were caught raping several Savings and Loans. The criminals like the Bush family very seldom if ever go to jail for their illegal activities.

All of these industries do not care about the common man. They do not care if he lives or dies or is forced to live in misery. They just care about getting rich and richer.

There are a select group of individuals (Republic-Scammers or Republiscams) who thrive on the reality of scamming the country. They know that the easiest way to make hundreds of millions is to take advantage of weaknesses in our laws to make fantastic financial gains. Thus we had two major banking scandals during the two Bush presidencies.

Worse than that are the scams that have been orchestrated on our Congress and on our people by those politicians who use government for their own selfish ends. I am fed up with the open corruption in our government and the disregard for human life that can be bought from our Congress.

A Congressionally protected class of ultra rich people (The Uber-Reich) has evolved in the past half century and they are causing a horrible divide in the populace. The Uber-Reich have been protected for years by favorable tax codes so that they pay little to no taxes while our middle class is heavily taxed.

This extends to the businesses of the Uber-Reich. Because of special considerations from Congress, one quarter of our businesses that are making fantastic profits pay no taxes.

Something obviously has to be done about disparities like this but it does not appear that Congress is the least bit interested in making changes to the present corrupt system.

There are few, if any, politicians who would qualify to our founding fathers’ moral and ethical standards in the modern era. Our nation routinely makes war for industrial profit. In the past fifty years we have seen wars and conflicts and exploitation that have been perpetrated on the Third World Countries by numerous highly corrupt American presidential administrations.

We have finally reached the point where we need to compel reform by another means and that is a Constitutional Convention that is free of the influence of the corrupt members of Congress.

It needs to be done and it must be done to save our country from destruction from within.

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