Thursday, March 7, 2013

Governmental Decay Brings Collapse.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Soviet Union collapsed because of moral decay. Everywhere in the massive "country" people were engaged in criminal enterprises, and the government could not keep up with the wave of criminality. Why? Well, for one, the largest corrupt enterprises were run by the KGB. Putin and his buddies were all master thieves. That thief network is still to this very day running Russia and most of the former republics of the Soviet Union.

In the United States, we are seeing massive corruption just like that all across our country, and we are doing nothing about it. How many criminals were put into prison over the massive Savings and Loan rape that occurred when CIA Bush was president? Bush and his two horribly corrupt sons Neil and Jeb made off with hundreds of millions of dollars and were only hit with small fines. That is right, they openly stole hundreds of millions of dollars and only paid minor fines. Fortunate Son Bush openly ran a Fifty Trillion Dollar scam for the benefit of his corrupt banker friends, and nobody is in prison. The reality is that the organized thieves are destroying our country just like Putin and the criminal class in Russia destroyed their country

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln was a prophet who knew that foreign armies posed no serious threat to the land mass of the United States in the 1860’s. Then, as now, we had far too many friggin’ lunatics with guns and ammunition in every hamlet across the country. Nobody would march a foreign army into the United States to dominate our people. The sad reality is that the only threat to our nation would come from within and it is, unfortunately, very present and very dominant. I call them Republiscams because they are scamming our republic.

They come from all the major industries of this country, and their only desire is to get filthy rich off of the common people of the United States. If they could they would turn them all into a slave labor class, and with totally unfair taxation, that is exactly what they are doing. The Middle Class pay excessive taxes while many of the rich do not pay taxes at all, or if they do, they pay four five or six percent on hundreds of Millions of income.

So, when are the common people of the United States going to rise up and put these criminals in prison and/or execute them for Treason against our Democracy that they are exploiting? Why have we not put the Bush family in prison. They are our Putins.

The entire Bush family are the world's most nefarious criminals. All of them should have been tried for Treason a long time ago. I have had a few "totally in denial" Republican friends try to tell me that Bush did not know how severe the Mortgage Banking Scam was otherwise he would have put a stop to it.

That, of course, is total Bolshoi. The entire Bush family is a banking family. Fortunate Son Bush fully knew what was going on. He organized it! With all of the manufacturing jobs that the Republiscams were shipping overseas, he needed a source of monetary stimulation to the economy to keep people employed in Service Sector jobs (Seventy percent of the people working jobs in the United States are in the Service Sector.)

One way for Bush to do that was to make money almost free for his friends and buddies in the banking industry, so with the connivance of Alan Greenspan, the Fed lowered the overnight rate so low that money was effectively free to the Banks. The Banks then started lending money to people buying houses with no background checks on the borrowers. Even though no bank in history would do such a foolish thing, they started doing that soon after Bush took the presidency. Any other president would have told them to "Cut that shit out!" Of course, Bush was not just "any other president" as he was a master crook.

"Ya want a loan? Here is half a Million. Go buy a house or two or three. With all this free money, house values are going to soar. Hell, you might be able to flip a house for twice what you paid for it!"

So the banks loaned out over 30 Trillion Dollars on houses that were overpriced by two, three or four times the actual replacement value of the house. Once Bush got that ruse going, Greenspan was telling the American people to buy Variable Rate Loans. His advice was combined with a massive program to sell home equity loans to the gullible public, and they sold Trillions of Dollars worth of those loans. Friends of mine bought these home equity loans so they could live it up with yachts and expensive cars, and they ended up losing everything. President Lincoln warned us a century and a half ago, but Americans did not pay attention.

These were all loans on property that was not worth that outrageously exaggerated amount of money, and everybody with a brain knew it could not stand. Bush expected that he could run that scam well past his presidency, but it collapsed of its own corruption a year before his term was up.

To make matters worse, the Banks who knew that those loans on excessive valuation were essentially going to explode, BUNDLED THE LOANS and with the corruption malfeasance of Moody's rating agency listed them as "AAA grade investment paper" and sold them to gullible investors and institutions all over the world. Once Greenspan was out of his job, Bernanke came in, and has tried to right the wrong to the banks by loaning at Zero Interest some 21 Trillion Dollars, and pledging an additional 20 Trillion dollars to all of the banking institutions all around the world to try to save the Globe from economic collapse. So far the world banking system has not collapsed, but things are not getting any better. Half of the countries of Europe are in Depression, and things are getting worse and worse over there on a daily basis.

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