Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So many Americans constantly repeat the babble that the rednecks and uneducated country folk gossip back and forth to each other.

They do this to justify their being the constant victims of the rich Upper, Upper Class. It is just like the serfs and landless peasants of old Europe claiming that the oppression of the Lord (the rich man who ran the show) was a damn good thing. "Other than the fact that he rapes our young daughters on occasion, he is a very good Lord to us and we should be thankful."

The rednecks and the country folk send their sons (and even their daughters now) off to the endless wars that the Upper, Upper Class create and everybody jumps on the bandwagon and we kill millions for fun and profit. The profit, of course, is mostly for the rich (The Lords of our modern era) while our rednecks and country folk get poorer and poorer. Those common people built this country, and they are now experiencing dispossession of it.

If you were to go to any place in the world and proposition the common people with this offer, "Let's declare an economic system illegal and try to kill it where ever it exists in the world and use that as an excuse for nearly Endless War. Let's spend money foolishly and go greatly in debt to the degree of Trillions of Dollars to fund those wars while making Fat Cat Industrialists extremely rich. Then let us start electing those rich Industrialists or their "special representatives" to government legislative positions so they can set the tax rates on the Upper, Upper Class way down low so that the poorer classes pay the majority of the taxes. This will easily rape the poorer classes while their sons and daughters die in the senseless wars and altogether, this New Approach to Government will result in the Upper, Upper Class getting Richer and Richer and RICHER while the lower classes get poorer and poorer and POORER."

Do you think that the people you make this offer to would accept it if they were not to be the Upper, Upper Class? I know I wouldn't regardless of position, because it is Just Plain WRONG! (immoral, unethical, evil, vulgar....)

Yet the poorer people of America accepted this insane offer without question. Most of them profess to be Christians; yet, they were willing to kill the imaginary economic enemy without question and are even proud that their maimed sons and daughters died or suffered for such a wonderful and noble cause. What is this enemy that we are so willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters for?

A few years ago it was socialism under many different names. We made an economic system our enemy only because the Upper, Upper Class in their effort to gain more wealth had to have an imaginary enemy, not because the socialists were evil. Shoot, many of them are far more moral than we are. The morally idealistic ones actually care about their fellow man.

In industrialized countries that had recently accepted Socialism but were already our allies, we looked the other way, because we did not want to kill them. So modern Europe was not targeted, but defenseless countries like Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Grenada were. Throughout Latin America the CIA was encouraging military takeovers so that the military ruled most of that land most of the time, and rich people in those lands became Upper, Upper Class, too.

One of the benefits of destroying Democracy in Latin America was that the United States always saw to it that the Democracy Destroyers (greedy men, all) would become very rich for cooperating with the CIA. Most people know that the CIA has been repeatedly linked to the drug trade in the world. The CIA set Noriega up in Panama as their dictator and allowed drugs to be channeled through that country for years. When we decided that we no longer needed to use Noreiga to advance our causes in that region, we used that very drug trade as an excuse to invade Panama and take over the country, just like we had so many other times in Latin America.

Under new leadership in Panama, the drug trade continues as always north from Columbia and other countries to the US, but now, with the Taliban suppressed in Afghanistan, fine heroin from that region is back in play in abundance in America's cities, too. And the rich get richer in Afghanistan and here, as well from that lucrative business.

I have even been told by many Republiscam Friends that, "The cocaine and heroin business is a wonderful thing because it is killing off the low IQ Niggers and Spicks in America's inner cities. That is one way to keep their population down!" I know that those drugs are killing a lot of people, but I doubt that those drugs are selectively targeting minority populations. I just do not have the data on it to know who specifically is dying.

All of this death and warfare is so disgusting, yet the Red Necks and simple minded country folk think that it is a wonderful thing that we do. "We are killing those damn mother friggin Taliban who attacked our World Trade Towers!" they shout as we quickly switched enemies and are now at war with countries in the Islamic World. It does not matter that the Taliban had noting to do with the 9/11 attack. If we say that they were often enough, Americans by the millions will believe it until they get over there and see what is actually happening. Then the US soldiers come back with serious psychological problems.

Josef Goebbles was so damn right. "If you tell a lie, TELL IF OFTEN ENOUGH, TELL IT LOUDLY ENOUGH AND TELL IT BOLDLY ENOUGH AND IT WILL BE BELIEVED!" Josef understood the game he was playing very well. The game of life to him was not about morality and ethics and honesty and love. It was all about power and wealth. If he could not have that power and wealth it was better off to be dead, so he and his deluded family committed suicide at the close of World War Two.

The game continues and boys and girls are still dying for the Upper, Upper Class. We were warned about it in the Book 1984. People read it and they somehow just do not make the connection between the message in that book and our present ugly, evil reality.

Boy, do we need a Constitutional Convention! Et quod vidit et audivit hoc testatur et testimonium.

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