Friday, October 19, 2012

Are Horrible, Horrible Times Coming?

Fighting should be for self defense, something I learned as a boy. I never looked for a fight, but I was always ready to defend myself. I only fought if I was confronted by a bully or a nutcase. I never lost a fight, though I was thankful that parents would step in and break them up and send us on separate paths to our houses.

Japan attacked us in World War Two. We had to go to war with them because of that attack. We bombed and slaughtered their civilian population to teach them a lesson.

Germany was an ally of Japan in World War Two, so we had to fight them, too. We bombed and slaughtered their civilian population to teach them a lesson.

Vietnam did not attack us. We attacked them. We slaughtered their civilian population to teach them a lesson.

Cambodia did not attack us. We attacked them.

Laos did not attack us. We attacked them.

All of Central and Caribbean America did not attack us. We attacked them half a hundred times, landing the Marines, shooting their people dead and taking over their countries to establish new leadership.

We proudly called it Gunboat Diplomacy; but the reality was that it was national rape and oppression of the people, a people who were for the most part passive and kind and loving. I lived among those simple gentle people deep in Mexico as a boy in the 1950's. I was introduced to a culture of kindness and caring and interdependency that was totally alien to the hostile violent culture I witnessed in South Side Hyde Park Chicago as a boy from the ages of five to ten.

At the age of eleven I returned to the United States and immediately encountered more of the hostile culture that I experienced in Chicago. It was not as bad as Chicago, but it told me that the United States culture was different from the rest of the world. We are just more violent and nasty when it comes to interpersonal dealings. Our cultural values were vastly different from Mexico. We are very immoral when it comes to social values. That has led to us becoming the porn peddler to the world, something that the Islamic culture is trying to shield itself from as they want to hold on to their strict old fashion moral culture. They, by the way, see us as engaging in an aggressive invasive war of gross immorality for the minds of their people. They absolutely reject the western culture of gross sexual immorality, as do I.

A nation that is supposed to stand for Liberty, Justice and Democracy has aided or set up hundreds of Dictatorships around the world. We placed or assisted those dictators there (Throughout Latin America, Throughout Arabia. Throughout Southern Asia. And even in Europe.) to advance American Business Interests and to force the peasants to work at slave labor rates of pay, after we had renounced slavery. (Do you remember Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation?) We renounced it for show in the United States, but kept slave laborers in Latin America for three quarters of a century after that. Gross Immorality!

Gunboat Diplomacy? That was gunboat slavery.

There is absolutely no justification for what we have done to the other countries of the world for monetary gain. That is just doing the bidding of the Satanic Republiscams for their corrupt benefit. They get filthy rich off of all of the rape and pillaging and oppression of nations. No matter how you spin it, our military subjugation of other countries was not for our urgent national interests. It was just about raping other countries for individual profit. The Republiscams do not care if you live or die. They just want their Individual Profit that the military of the United States has always been able to provide for them. THAT IS WRONG!

The mentality of the Republiscam voters is like the Middle Ages subjects to the Lord in his castle. Even though he has raped every teenage female member of your family. Even though he has taxed your peasant family to the point that all you can wear is rags and eat feces for most of the days of your life, you support him, because "THAT'S THE WAY IT IS AND THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE." In your position you are kissing Republiscam Arse, just like you were kissing the Lord's arse for generations and you have convinced yourself that it is the right thing to do, so you continue to aggressively kiss up.

I would never do that and have always pointed out things that are wrong. I call them for what they are and try to change them for the better. The one thing that is certain about life is that there will always be change. (Hopefully for the better.)

The world hates the US for what we have done to them. It need not be so. We seriously need a revolution; either in the minds of our people or the streets of our cities.

I call for a peaceful revolution, but in the absence of a peaceful constitutional change we are going to see a violent one. Hopefully I will have passed away before that happens, as those are going to be horrible times for the world. Horrible, Horrible Times!

Et quod vidit et audivit hoc testatur et testimonium.

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