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Consider the Tonkin Gulf Incident (that Never Happened.)

A Great Lie along the lines of Josef Goebbels school of propaganda.

The "incident" was staged and allowed the conflict to go from US provided Vietnam "Advisers from the US military" in the South to being a war involving both North and South Vietnam and the US and some token allies (Koreans, Aussies...). We claimed that North Vietnam attacked our destroyers in international waters over two days and then the US went to war against the North.

That was a total lie and our attack had been orchestrated well in advance.

Supposedly, the High Speed North Vietnamese torpedo boats came out of the blue on open ocean and attacked the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy. It never happened. None of it was true.

The US had for weeks been orchestrating acts of war against the country of North Vietnam at a time that the south of Vietnam was being run by a Dictator (Diem) that the CIA put into power. Diem was an idle loafer who had not worked a job in 20 years when the CIA trained him in the US for his future dictatorship over South Vietnam. As long as we had Diem in power he would allow more and more US escalation in the Civil War because his money came from us, not his corrupt country. A non-dictator would have said that he would honor the UN mandated election to determine the status of South Vietnam. The US ordered Diem to refuse any free election in his country as it was obvious that the Vietnamese people wanted to be one people in one country and they were not afraid of Socialized Medicine. or free public education (something that they did not have ready access to under the French who ran Indo China like it was a state of slaves put on Earth for the French to exploit (which they had been doing for half a century). In one recorded incident of horrible French management, an estimated million Vietnamese people died of starvation while thousands of tons of rice waited in warehouses for shipment to foreign ports for the profit of French planters. The French were horrible masters over their enslaved worker population in "French Indochina."

Since the US had taken the position after World War Two that anything socialist was evil, we did not want the Vietnamese people to have Socialized Schools, even though we had them in the United States. Here, we call it public education, but it is socialized education never the less. Under the French they had Catholic Schools that the French were using to brainwash the children away from non violent Buddhism to the more aggressive and violent culture of Europe. Total insanity. The people should have been left in their own culture. All of this is historical fact. It is not somebody's opinion. It actually happened.

Back to the US escalation of the conflict:

The US purchased several fast attack boats from Norway for the South Vietnamese Navy. We used those boats to repeatedly attack North Vietnam and backed up the fast attack boats with the guns of the Maddox and the Turner Joy. Those South Vietnamese boats attacked North Vietnamese fishing villages and coastal farming communities always supported by our five inch guns on the two US destroyers. All of this was provocation on our part to get the North Vietnamese to respond so we could escalate the war.

We also orchestrated air attacks on North Vietnam with planes flown out of Thailand by US trained Laotian pilots that attacked several villages in southwestern North Vietnam. Again, outrageous provocation. The simple peasants in the villages had no idea why their houses and farms were being bombed and their families slaughtered. The North Vietnamese did not respond other than to appeal to the world that the acts of slaughter be stopped.

The North Vietnamese had weekly patrols along their coast in their coastal waterways, and we knew about them, and decided to use that to escalate the war. So one day while the patrol boats were known to be proceeding south along the coast the Maddox entered North Vietnamese waters to attack a North Vietnamese island with a fishing village on it in conjunction with the South Vietnamese fast attack boats. When the North Vietnamese patrol boats came within firing range of the Five Inch Cannons on the Maddox, we opened fire on the patrol boats. The position of the US ship, its mission and the fact that it fired on the North Vietnamese boats to start an engagement that we could use for political purposes was in the ship's log. Luckily our shots missed. We called in Air Strikes on the Vietnamese Patrol boats and killed and injured a bunch of their boys on their boats. Supposedly one of the boats tried to launch a torpedo as it was impossible to get close enough to use their small guns against the Maddox. Nobody ever saw the torpedo, but the North Vietnamese say they tried to fire one to counter the attack of the Maddox. The airstrikes took out one of the North Vietnamese patrol boats, killing the crew and the rest of the boats zig-zagged to the north and pulled into river inlets to hide their boats so the few surviving boys on board could hide from the American jets. It was a slaughter and was well planned, though morally indefensible.

Two days later we totally fabricated a report of a combined attack of the North Vietnamese Navy on both of our destroyers. Nobody on the US ships ever saw a North Vietnamese naval boat all day long during an extended and heated combat situation. In fact, aerial reconnaissance photos showed that all boats in the small North Vietnamese Navy were in port all day long, though there was a salvage craft trying to raise the sunken patrol boat so the families of the dead boys could retrieve the bodies of their lost loved ones.

Out in the Gulf, we effectively shot the ocean full of holes. We fired endless times at imaginary boats that did not exist and our destroyers came very close to shooting at each other in their intense frenzy. Future Navy Admiral James Stockdale who was flying cover for the Maddox and Turner Joy for hours overhead reported that there was nothing in the water and that the US ships were just shooting at the ocean.

This insanely foolish action was falsely reported to the American Public and President Johnson went on radio and television to tell the American People that US Ships in international waters had come under repeated hours long attack and he was authorizing the US bombing of North Vietnam.

Thus we had a "Real War," and we killed Millions of innocent civilians so the American War Machine could make Billions and Billions and Billions of Dollars in profit.

All of this was attested to before Congress and is a matter of public record, yet most Americans who have heard of the reason why we went to full war mode in Vietnam do not know that the Tonkin Gulf incident was totally false. All those millions of people who died were slaughtered for no logical reason what so ever other than for American Military Industrial Complex Profit. Yes, the Republicams kill people for their personal financial gain.

President and former General Dwight David Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and told us to NOT let them dictate our foreign policy; yet, just four years after Ike left office, the MIC had us in a protracted war in Vietnam in which we accomplished nothing except foolishly spend money and kill people. All for the personal profit of the MIC executives.

The entire Vietnamese nation finally ended up with Socialized Medicine and Socialized schools once the North won the war. Meanwhile, they are a capitalist driven nation when it comes to industry. Amazing, isn't it that Americans believe the propaganda of Republiscam dominated administrations. I am still not convinced that Johnson was a Republiscam. I still believe that he was just a tool of those totally corrupt money worshiping people.

Et quod vidit et audivit hoc testatur et testimonium.

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