Friday, September 28, 2012

Whisper Words Of Wisdom, Let It Be!

To my Republican Friends who maintain that there was no banking scandals in either of the Bush administrations:

It is all documented and recorded as history. CIA Bush and his boys were all involved in the predominantly Republican rape of the Savings and Loan Industry when Bush was Vice President and then President, all this after Reagan totally destroyed the economy for his banker friends (Who made lots of money on the rapidly changing stock prices as the economy was manipulated.)

It was the first obvious attempt at manipulating the economy for the "Republiscam Fat Cat Friends of Friends" personal gain. Some of the Friends of Friends network included VP Bush's sons Neil and Jeb who were both found guilty as hell of misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars that investors had put into their Savings and Loan accounts and the Republicans (and a few Democrats like Calif Senator Alan Cranston) used as personal checkbooks without any of the savings and loan bankers doing their "Due Diligence" on the loans, which were all Get Rich Quick Schemes that did not pay off, so the Republiscams defaulted and the Savings and Loan Industry went in the Crapper.

The net cost to the government was about 1.5 Trillion to repair the damage brought by the Republiscams (Those Republicans and Democrats and Independents who routinely try to Scam the Republic.) It was the Scam of Scams for its day and boy did most of them brag about how much money they made with that economic manipulation.

They did it again when the banks manipulated the Tech Stock prices sky high. Everybody knew that those stock prices were way too high, but the banks in round robin trading kept on bidding those stock prices higher and higher and higher and higher. When they decided that they had run the prices up high enough, the banks all went short the tech stocks and made Billions while foolish individual investors were suddenly poorer. The moral to the story was simple, "You either get with the guys who are scamming the system or you lose and you can lose 'Big Time' if you try to outguess where they are taking prices."

When Fortunate Son Bush ran for president just 8 years later I though it would be impossible for that corrupt scum bag piece of sheeet to ever receive a vote from any intelligent human being, and he clearly lost the election only to have the Republiscam dominated Supreme Court void the vote count in Florida. At the time I was telling everybody if the son was as crooked as his father we will have another banking scandal and more manipulation of the economy. Sure enough, two years in, the fun and games started with the Mortgage Banking Industry.

Just like no "due diligence" was applied to all of those defaulted gigantic personal loans in the S&L's, the Mortgage Industry decided that no "due diligence" applied to their home loans after 2002. They committed the most massive fraud in history by lending to everybody and anybody even if they did not have jobs so that the mortgage banker could bundle those loans into an investment package and sell them to retirement funds and foreign banks because our corrupt Rating Agencies in the US had rated them as Secure AAA paper.

It was not "Niggers and Spicks" who were getting those loans that were packaged into those new investment vehicles. Yet, the Republiscams will tell you that it was their effort to put minorities into houses that caused their scam of the republic.

Because Bush wanted to create a massive Boom, he encouraged the bankers to have fun. You see, when you are throwing money (mortgage money in this case) into the economy, even though manufacturing jobs are going to Asia, the new money creates Service Sector Jobs galore! Not only that, it creates millions of jobs in the home and business building industry. So while jobs were fleeing the country to foreign factories, Bush with the Banking Fraud was able to create false strong employment. BOOOM! Everything was wonderful!!!

Everybody got those loans! For the most part the mortgage industry did not bother to accurately tabulate who the loans went to via race. Everybody was given a simple form to fill out declaring that they were American Indian, Hispanic, Caucasian...... but many people exercised their right to not fill out the form. Many of the mortgage houses just "estimated" who were buying the houses and it basically still did not meet the rates of the minority populations in the areas that the houses were sold. About 84 percent of the foreclosures were of White people as best we can tell. Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians made up the rest. So, the Republican lies are just lies heaped upon more lies that go back over a hundred years. All Republicans repeat the lies amongst themselves, and since they hear the lies so often, they are convinced that they have to be true. They blame the Niggers and Spicks for everything!

This is a strong reality in backwater America where the white country folk vote Republican and believe all the race lies about how the national debt is there because "we are paying for all the Niggers and Spicks to be on welfare and that is why the national debt is 17 Trillion." Those people in the sticks are horribly uneducated and as my father pointed out usually very low IQ. That is a DNA problem, but they have been keeping it in their hamlets and breeding stupid twits for centuries. They know their lies, but they do not know reality.

The national Debt is 17 Trillion because we have paid that amount for all of our wars, and our expensive war toys that the Generals play with,like Atom Bombs and Predator Drones. If we had not started all of those wars in the past half century (and the first Bush banking scandal) we would not be in debt for that 17 Trillion.

Now, we have another 41 Trillion that the Federal Reserve has spent so far to try to save the world from going into full global Depression thanks to Fortunate Son Bush and his Friends of Friends and this most recent Banking Scam Boom and Bust Cycle.

All Republiscams regardless of party need to be tried for Treason, and then sent to prison or more severe punishment. We need to cleanse our country of that scum, revise our legal system and get on with our lives. Hell, I'll be able to vote for Republican candidates again with a clear conscience once all of the Republiscams like Romney are gone. Please Lord let it be.

Let it be! Let it be! Whisper Words of Wisdom, Let it be!

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