Thursday, September 27, 2012

Global Economic Manipulation Is Not Defined As A Crime!

My recent book is an expose of open criminality in government.

The outgoing Bush administration has saddled us with 60 Trillion in additional debt, even though the national debt is only 17 Trillion. Add that to the national debt, and we owe nearly 80 Trillion Dollars. Unfukushimabelievable!

That debt is in the Federal Reserve and has not been officially recognized yet, but it is there nevertheless in all the bad paper the Fed has bought to try to help the banks become solvent again. It is there in all of the loans made by the Fed to the European Central Bank and other foreign banks to help them become solvent again. Germany is not footing the bill alone in Europe. Our Fed is helping in Strong fashion.

The Republiscams who have done that to us, "the ever poorer and poorer and poorer American taxpayers," are a monied clique in government that come from both sides of the aisle. They are in it to Scam our Republic, and they have done it right out in front of public, and almost nobody can see what happened and is happening still. YET, THAT MASSIVE DEBT IS THERE and it is there because of the shenanigans of that monied clique that I call the Republiscams. It is just a coincidence that most of them are Republican and their Party has given us our four Republiscam Presidents, THE NATIONAL DEBT FOUR (Nixon, Reagan, CIA Bush and Fortunate Son Bush who is the greatest criminal in World History.)

The Republiscam net gain from all of the open fraud in the mortgage banking industry was about two to three Trillion Dollars. So, they made Five Percent on all of that Fraud. They are now filthy rich, The American people are poorer and have the burden of paying taxes to compensate the world for all of that open criminality. Meanwhile the monied elite are already prepared to flee to foreign shores to avoid prosecution. Note that almost all the Republiscams have their money in foreign accounts (Just like Republiscam Romney) so the US government can not grab it when the scoundrels start to flee.

Flee? They will, when the shooting starts!

The shooting will start if we do not put a stop to all of the corruption in government.

My book is a call for a Constitutional Convention to reform our process so that this kind of open crime cannot happen again in this country. Right now, the crime is not defined. Believe it or not it is not illegal to manipulate the national and global economy for personal financial gain but that is exactly what Fortunate Son Bush and his Friends and "Friends of Friends" in the banking world did. And they are laughing like hell about it and the poorly educated American public still do not know what is going on.

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