Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Just In Time" Delivery Model In a Troubled World

The modern world is hooked up to a very dangerous kind of production and consumption model known as "Just In Time Delivery." It is not a good model, because it is getting to the point where it is not "Just In Time" with ever increasing frequency.

Millions of poor people in Africa are barely getting by because urgently needed food is not arriving "just in time", if at all. Most of these people live on subsistence farming and gleaning, and there just is not enough food for an ever increasing population (more and more babies are being born daily) because they do not understand or want to use birth control effectively in that part of the world.

Hence, large parts of Africa are in need of constant food aid that is becoming more and more scarce in a world where it looks like the Global Economy is starting to crash. Manufacturing is slowing down. Exports are faltering. Jobs are disappearing. It looks like it is going to get very, very bad in the coming months.

At the same time the United States government has taken outrageous steps to decrease farm acreage under cultivation. My "Water to the West" proposal that I have asked Congress for for four decades is still being ignored even though we know millions of people are starving to death globally.

Instead of our enormous "Let's Make War on Third World Countries for Tremendous Profit Back Home Industry" (The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about but we refused to listen), we should be seen as the Benevolent Angelic Country that produces food for aid of the starving countries and peoples of the world. Along with that, we could offer family planning instruction free of charge to those poor people as well.

It amazes me that there are people who say they are followers of the Jesus they called "The Christ" and yet, they just want the starving people to "Go Away!" (Die Already!!!)

That reminds me of the Republiscams in the United States who gather on their church steps or Synagogue steps every Sabbath and join in group shouting sessions telling the surrounding neighborhoods,


That is so those poorer "lower class people" know their proper place and will bow in obeisance when the Republiscams walk or drive by.

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