Friday, May 4, 2012

Inexpensive College Educations On Line For All Who Are Interested!

Computer education has been increasing in use over the past two decades. In particular, ONLINE EDUCATION has expanded greatly in just the past decade.

The recent Proclamation that MIT and Harvard would commit millions to develop free online programs confirms that this movement in education is turning into a Tidal Wave that none may stand against in opposition.

I hated public education when I was growing up. I was intelligent but constantly bored with the slow, slow, slow, slow pace that we had to work at in the classroom. In addition to that we were given reams of homework that I considered to be consistently wasteful of my time.

Unless it was term papers, I refused to do homework and was always in trouble in school for that. The right amount of homework could be determined by the student's interaction with the program in an online course. Little quizzes built into the programs could take you back to review those points you were weak on before allowing you to proceed to the next chapter. Thus you would not need to do needless homework.

Online learning has the potential to give millions of curious students direct (electronic) access to the best educational resources. For those who are curious, the limits to learning will only be set by the student and not the needs of the classroom.

The opportunities are endless. Eventually, we could set up online schools where almost any subject could be studied if the training programs were of quality. AND, (Most Important) these schools could all be free once they were fully developed. Grants from Government or from Benefactors could fund the development of these courses.

The only logical complaint that I can see about this would be the issue of interaction with a professor. Thus I would propose that paid people with degrees be available online to answer questions and that tests be administered by professionals at testing centers once the identity of the test taker is confirmed.

Committed Students could pass through college at minimal expense and would always have free access to take the course over again, or to study material that they want to review just to keep on top of the topic. It is time to make this modern system a reality in the United States and eventually, the whole world.

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