Monday, March 26, 2012


First of all it is not the president's job to create jobs.

He can not just point his finger and say make a job here or there. Jobs require work to be done for money. Creating a favorable environment that will create jobs is the responsibility of Congress. They make the laws. Obama only signs them. Those Laws that he has signed into power have created a lot of jobs. He could have made some artificial "Make Work" (shovel leaning jobs like FDR created during the Great Depression), but he decided to encourage the private sector to create employment, and they have.

Now, there are two ways for Congress to create jobs. They can spend Taxpayer money to create a lot of Federal Jobs or they can pass laws that help manufacturing companies and other industries grow their sales and thus their workforce.

There are already enough Federal Workers, and most of them do not have enough to do, so it would be foolish to create a bunch of Federal Jobs. The Republicans pushed a lot of our manufacturing jobs out of the United States and into other countries when that idiot Bush was president for EIGHT horrible years. I still say that crook needs to be tried for treason against the United States and then executed along with 90 percent of the corrupt Republiscam leadership from that era. The EIGHT terrible years of the Bush administration raped this country and it is going to take us years to get back to normal.

Now, as regards jobs, where were we at the lowpoint after Bush and his gang of banking and war industry crooks destroyed everything? Go to the Department of Labor and pull up the numbers.

In October of 2009, we hit the bottom on Employment with only 138,401,000 people employed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In February of 2012, we have rebounded and there were over 142,065,000 people employed.

So, if somebody is trying to tell you that jobs have not been created while Obama was President, they are lying to you. Note that about four million more people are working now than in October 2009. Obama is doing a good job no matter how many lies the Republiscams make up.

After all, it is their nature to constantly lie and they can not help themselves.

Here, click on the links and look up the data as you wish.

You can pull up data for any month and year that the BLS has data if you want to do your own comparisons.

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