Monday, March 26, 2012

Lots of Data on Radioactive Particulate But No Solutions.

Gulf War Syndrome? We have all heard of it. Ironically the symptoms are identical to those noted among American soldiers who were deliberately exposed to the Nuclear Bomb tests in Nevada after World War Two. They died prematurely and had numerous illnesses way out of proportion to those normally witnessed in the non nuclear particulate exposed civilian population. We already knew what particulate exposure to Uranium and Plutonium would cause. The United States only feigned ignorance so that we could use “Depleted Uranium” and gather more data on it. Too many people have died and become chronically sick so that we could gather data.

In case you did not know, the United States decided to use our own soldiers to test the lethal and adverse medical effects of the Nuclear Bombs that we built after World War Two. They were marched through ground zero of the test area within minutes of the detonations. Reams of data were accumulated from that exposure and compared to the data of exposure of American miners to Uranium dust and to people who had inhaled or consumed significant amounts of Strontium-90, Cesium-134, Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 and Plutonium after we had started large scale open air testing of nuclear weapons. That testing lasted two decades before we realized that we were killing far too many Americans with the tremendous increase in cancer that was being noted among those who were most obviously contaminated. The US collected data on the horribly sick people who lived downwind from the tests and added that to the ever expanding database. Those people did not know it, but they were experimental animals.

Meanwhile the Japanese also accumulated reams of data on the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and noted the tremendous increase in cancer in people who were not exposed to the atomic bomb blasts but were exposed to the dust and dirt left in those cities after the bomb were detonated.

Most of the fission products, many of which had never before been contracted by man in nature proved to be very deadly. Uranium and Strontium-90, both of which have long half lives were found to have immediate and delayed adverse effects on the immune system response capacity. Before those soldiers were ever marched into the high radiation fields of the nuclear bomb blasts American nuclear scientists had conducted classified animal radiological experiments as far back as the early 1940’s. Actual animals were used for these tests in place of human guinea pigs.
From all that data we determined that exposure to radiation kills. High doses kill quickly and low doses kill slowly, usually by causing the growth of cancer in human organs that have been exposed to radioactive particulate from the mines, nuclear detonations or processing of nuclear material such as at the Hanford Nuclear Weapons Complex up in Washington.

Recently, The Department of Energy has finally admitted that in the rush to produce Plutonium for the first atomic bombs, used in World War Two the Hanford nuclear weapons complex released over 550,000 curies of radioactive Iodine in 1945. If one were to convert that to picocuries, a unit used to measure radioactivity in a liter of drinkable liquid such as water or milk, that release was equivalent to the population of the United States at that time being exposed to more than four billion picocuries per-person. That was worse than the Chernobyl accident. The end result was a lot of Thyroid Cancer wherever the winds carried that radioactive Iodine.

The two decades of atmospheric bomb tests were estimated by the Natural Resources Defense Council to be equivalent to exploding many thousands of Hiroshima bombs. The effects of all that testing were revealed by a rapid epidemic increase in cancer among children five to nine years old. Since 1945, female breast cancer incidence has nearly tripled per capita, and we have established that a significant number of the eighty million baby boomers born in the bomb-test years 1945 to 1965 did in fact subsequently display evidences of the damage to developing immune and hormonal systems in utero. We are a sick nation and we are getting sicker by the year.

The release of all that radioactive particulate resulted in a forty percent increase in underweight live births. That perfectly correlated with the rise in strontium-90 found in human bone and especially in baby teeth from the fifties and early sixties. In fact, it was the concern expressed by mothers, as in the Women's Strike for Peace movement that helped prod President John Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev to finally terminate above-ground nuclear tests in 1963. There was a brief period of improvement thereafter until contamination from civilian power reactors replaced bomb-test fallout, especially after the Three-Mile-Island and Chernobyl accidents of 1979 and 1986. Since 1979, the ominous rise in the percentage of underweight live births that first surfaced in 1945 has resumed. After Fukushima still births have soared in the areas most strongly affected by particulate from the meltdowns. Things are just getting worse and worse.

Millions of Americans are dead from radioactive particulate and many millions more will die in the coming years. To date we have done nothing about it other than accumulate data that proves that it kills you.

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