Monday, March 26, 2012

What are our Standards and Values in America?

Americans have become a people who believe that their country is right no matter what. We have the right to invade other countries just like Hitler. We have the right to force our political values on the other countries just like Hitler. We can kill and wipe out millions of civilians and not think anything of it, just like Hitler.

Our country needs to wake up to the reality that we are perceived as the Great Satan by a lot of countries that are not even Islamic. We need to mend our ways and we need to do it NOW!

Perhaps we should try living in peace? The Sixties anti-war song, "All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance," seems very appropriate now.

You know, we could totally eliminate our budget deficit if we cut military spending by 40%. Amazing!

We can spend Trillions of Dollars on war, yet we are the only industrialized country that does not have medical care for the people! Right now we could pay for medical care for everybody in this country and balance the budget without raising taxes if we cut military spending by 50%. It is that simple, so where are the congressmen who are asking for that reality?

We have the most powerful military in the world, so we are tempted to use it in place of statesmanship. We have nuclear powered submarines plying the oceans with thousands of Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles (nuclear warheads) on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ready to destroy the whole planet if we decide to. Do we really need 20,000 nuclear weapons and the launch platforms that if used would plunge the world into nuclear winter and cause the extinction of most species of life on this planet? Do we really need all of the hundreds of thousands of US troops that we have stationed all around the world? Do we need to spend money in insane fashion on all of the modern weapons of war that we have?

Total insanity!

Yet millions have died painful deaths in this country because we do not provide medical care for all. We do not need these stupid medical packages at work that our employers pick up 60% or more of the tab for. We could totally free our employers from that financial burden (and allow them to grow their businesses and end unemployment) if we used some of that outrageous military spending to provide medical care to our citizens. Instead, we want to constantly engage in wars and more wars and endless wars because wars help the war businesses grow.

So DAMNED stupid!!!

I now have over 20 old friends who are nearly bankrupt or are actually bankrupt because of medical bills. They had savings and were expecting a nice retirement, and instead are living on welfare and food stamps because all of the money is gone to the medical establishment. Americans pay the highest out of pocket expenses for medical care in the world.


Yet, some how Americans think they are getting a good deal.

Unbelievable! Just totally unbelievable!

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