Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ron Paul and the Gold Lobby

Ron Paulites keep on sending me emails that claim that the Federal Reserve is going to bankrupt the nation with all of the bogus dollars that they are printing. I smile and respond to them with the following message.

The Federal Reserve does not print money. That is an insane and grossly stupid lie that Ron Paul and his Gold Lobby schmuck-like friends have told over and over and over again to uneducated people to get them to buy gold. Remember that Paul is not at all a serious candidate for President. He never has been and never will be. His candidacy is just an opportunity to try to sell more and more gold to push the price up. All he does is promote Gold for that group that has swindled the American public over and over and over again in the past 40 years.

Think! Why does Gold lose half its value periodically? Simple, that happens when the Gold Lobby decides that it needs to happen so they can start the run up again to double their profits. Over and over and over again they pull that crap, and the younger generation is always sucked in because they have no education and don't bother to look at the historical charts.

Ron Paul and his crooked friends will tell you that the American Dollar is consistently losing value and will collapse, but the exact opposite it true and has always been true since the Federal Reserve was created. Though we do have deliberate gradual inflation in this country and all of the countries of the world because gradual inflation keeps the economies of the various industrial nations stable, the Dollar has not gone down in value against foreign currencies in the past 100 years.

The Dollar is up several thousand fold against the Mexican Peso, and has nearly doubled its value against the British Pound. I can draw up numerous comparisons, but it only takes a couple to show the reality. The Dollar is King!

There are such things as periodic fluctuations, of course. Most recently the Dollar has lost some value against the Japanese Yen, the most "In Debt Nation" per capita in the world (Not the US, but Japan holds that honor). You will also see the dollar fluctuate against other currencies like the Euro over time. Fluctuation is normal and depends upon international trade, deficit spending, unemployment and things like that in the overall world and local economies.

Hopefully the Ron Paulites will wake up one of these days and do a little research.

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