Monday, January 30, 2012

The US Knowingly Killed Millions of Innocents.

Twenty Years From Now the United States Government will admit that they knowingly killed Hundred of Millions of Innocent Civilians with the approval of the Nuclear Industry. If they had any moral conscience, they would have shut all of that sh!t down a long time ago. Yet the corrupt Nuclear Industry is allowed to make Billions in Profits while killing millions with cancer.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland all have moratoriums on Nuclear Power. When will the United States wake up?

When will the American People rise up in anger and demand that the government stop sanctioning the murder of innocent people?

The horrible increase in the death rate from cancer since 1930 is all you need to know that Nuclear Power is UNSAFE!!!

Cancer Death Rate since 1930 before the advent of the nuclear age as opposed to influenza and pneumonia.

(per 100,000 population)

Year ...Cancer .... Influenza & Pneumonia

1930 ... 97.4 ..... 102.5

1940 ... 120.3 ..... 70.3

1950 ... 139.8 ..... 31.3

1960 ... 149.2 ..... 37.3

1970 ... 162.8 ..... 30.9

1980 ... 183.9 ..... 24.1

1990 ... 203.2 ..... 32.0

2000 ... 200.5 ......24.3

With modern medicine the Cancer death rate should be falling similar to the death rate for Influenza and Pneumonia. Instead it went up....

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