Monday, January 30, 2012


So, I have had many people tell me that there has always been corruption in Government.

The fact remains that we have been dealing with horrific corruption on a scale never before seen in World History. The typical Republiscam stance that it is acceptable because it has always been done that way only tells me that they support the status quo, while I have been calling for a constitution convention that would outlaw all the criminal aspects of this corrupt system.

That there is massive corruption across the nation is a given. It would be impossible to eliminate all of it, but when it comes to Trillion Dollar corruption, we need to severely punish those people who were responsible (After a quick trial, of course). As is obvious to the most casual observer, the degree of corruption during the Bush administration totally boggles the mind.

Sure there were the usual banking ripoffs during the Eisenhower Administration and the Nixon administration, and the Reagan-Bush administration; but the (Dubya) Bush Junior administration was so totally corrupt as to make a reasonable person stand aghast in total fear for the life of the nation.

If we have any common sense, we should realize that after the final Bush led destruction of the middle class, this country is on the edge of civil war. The Occupy Movements are a step in that direction. As the government cracks down on the Occupy Movement and people out in the streets are hurt by police batons, tazers, and fired projectiles, you will see escalating violence and that can spill over into free fire zones in the cities. In Tzarist Russia the government always escalated the violence level and finally provoked the people to violence themselves.

I was a student of history. I have a BA in history which is at odds with my technical employment all of my life. I read history for relaxation and amusement.

I have studied all of the collapses of great civilizations in world history. In all cases there was first a breakdown in sexual morality and a degradation of marriage. I am very serious. The stability of a country rests in family structure and values taught in that family. When the family is not stable and people do not stay in marriages, overall ethics in the society start to collapse. It is done gradually but it always happened and happens to this day.

That breakdown in ethics results in corrupt government with people taking easy solutions to complex problems to effect “resolution on a temporary basis.”

Prior to WWII Chamberlain's advocacy for "Peace in our time." was a perfect example of that. (He sold out Czechoslovakia so that England and France could avoid a war with a very weak Nazi Germany. If that man had any male hormones, he could have stopped World War II before it ever got started. Instead, he pulled the same kind of crap that the Roman Empire pulled with the German Tribals and the subsequent Eastern Roman empire pulled with the Turkish Islamic tribes. A monument to that sell out is the former great Christian church Hagia Sophia in Constantinople that is now a Majestic Moslem Mosque in Istanbul that has been converted into a museum with the minarets standing as a hard on testimony to the collapse of a once Great Empire.

The United States, if we do not repudiate the massive multiTrillion dollar ripoff of the Republic that we saw from 2001 to 2009, will see massive violence in the streets. A Severe Degree of Corruption always results in a Severe Degree of Unrest or even Bloody Violence.

A constitutional convention just might keep a lid on the potential explosion because it would tell the people that we are trying to rectify a very bad situation. If there is hope the violence wanes. If there is no hope the nation will perish.

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