Saturday, January 28, 2012


The last Democratic Candidate I voted for was Jimmy Crack Corn Carter the first time he ran.

I was a Southern Baptist Sunday School Teacher and Church Training Director in 1976 and so was Jimmy. I was also a Naval Officer and so was Jimmy. I was off of the coast of Iran for months leading up to the failed rescue attempt that was blotched because Jimmy told us to execute it in a sand storm even though we had told him months in advance that we needed to make our effort before sand storm season. He was a very nice guy with a fantastic smile, but an inept administrator when it came to the hostage crisis, so I voted for Ronnie Ray Gun Reagan when he ran, because everybody knew what he was going to do if those hostages were not released immediately once he was President.

The Great Beach Boy song, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb. -- Bomb, Bomb Iran (Honestly, I know that was not the title.)came into play, and even the Great Satanic and Murderous Ayatollah in Iran knew what was coming as soon as Reagan took the oath of office, so the hostages were released before Reagan could order a massive strike on Iran. I really liked that song. All my favorite radio stations were playing it in the months leading up to Inauguration Day.

That is the only thing that Satanic ruled countries like Radical Islamic Iran, or Tojo Japan, or Nazi Germany understand.

Right Now, for the United States, I feel that the most pressing issues are honesty, morality and integrity in government. With the Republican Party totally corrupt in its behavior, I have no choice but to start campaigning for anything but the Republiscams.

Shame that. I might have been a mindless life long voting Republican if the Criminal element had not totally taken over the party, lock stock and political swill barrel.

Republicans, it is time to clean house and put over 20,000 criminals behind bars for life. That is a conservative estimate as to how many people were responsible for the horrible systematic rape of this country conducted while "Fortunate Son" Bush (Dubya) was President. That was the most openly corrupt presidential administration in world history. If you think Great Leader Harmid Karzai is corrupt in Afghanistan with his family run poppy business, Dubya was a Million times worse.

If it takes a Constitutional Convention to take corruption out of government, then Let It Be. We have got to take action because standing by silently is granting open license to all of the crooks that presently control Washington and our statehouses to continue to constantly rip us off. Those Trillions of Debt? They have all been run up by Republiscams in their efforts to get fantastically wealthy.

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