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I am not a liberal, not even close. People keep on writing to me asking that.

I do have liberal friends just like I have conservative friends. All of my strong conservative friends are money grubbers. All are Republicans, the obvious party of the wealthy. They worship money. They love to show people what money has done in their lives (Expensive cars, Expensive Houses, Trophy Wives, Expensive Medical Care, Cosmetic Medical Care, Vast Portfolios......).

Since that is their religion, I just accept that they have a weird religion and avoid their proselytizing conversations about money and what it can buy, and casually turn the subject to other things. Since most of the money worshipers are also Gold worshipers, I do not talk about that either. You can still be friendly if you avoid talking about and disparaging their gods. Funny how so many of the Conservative Republicans always say that they are Christians, as if Christians and accumulated wealth are made for each other. Was that part of the message of Jesus?

I have three lifelong friends who now claim to be Libertarians. Now, I like them all and I think they are wonderful people with only minor flaws which are as follows:

1. They have not realized that without government this world would be a hell of a place to live.
2. Like Republican Conservatives, they all worship money, but not as seriously.
3. Unlike most Conservative Republicans they usually do not have wealth or are at risk of losing what small nest eggs they have or are building up and usually feel that government is a threat to that security.
4. They are not broadly educated, but pontificate as if they were.

Let me say this about that. A large percentage of mankind is loving and kind and giving, but there is a substantial percentage that is self serving, hateful of others, potentially dishonest and potentially violent if they find it is to their advantage. Just like Hitler, the right conditions have to come together for them to show their true inner nature. Hitler was an introvert and confused deep thinker who when granted power became a vicious beast who preyed upon the weak. I roughly figure that the predators make up about twenty percent of our population. You can’t really count them until they self identify by their behavior, and sometimes they never see the right conditions that would make them act violent or criminal.

With laws, predators can be controlled, just like if Hitler was not given a pulpit to preach from, he never would have been able to do the things that he did. Without laws predators would eat up the more compassionate kinder people of the world. Those kinder and compassionate people need a legal structure to keep them safe from the predators. It is in the DNA of the predators to be the way they are, just like it is in the DNA of the kind people to be the way they are. The same thing is seen in the animal kingdom. On Sixty Minutes last night they were interviewing the young lady who lived among and studied Chimpanzees most of her life. She had become famous for her observations of their behavior and was the first to report to the world that chimps used tools just like early man. She also noted that some chimps were prone to violence while others were very passive and peaceful and loving. One violent chimp actually attacked her several times and tried to kill her with blows to her body and head and also by trying to throw her off of a cliff. That Chimp had a close relative that was very much the same. Those violent chimps actually kill other chimps in violent outbursts that was filmed. They have those DNA programmed predators in their society, too, as sad as it may seem.

If you self identifying Libertarians actually got far less government as you frequently wish, you better hope that your wish does not come true or the predators will eat you.

So, where do I stand? I am the exact opposite of a Libertarian. I like them. All of them that I know like me. That is probably because I believe in decriminalizing Marijuana. Just to give them fair warning, I also believe in making drunken (impaired) driving laws far more severe, so if people want to smoke their pot in the privacy of their homes, they better not try to operate a motor vehicle on the open roads while intoxicated.

I see most libertarians as not fully educated idealists who have not seen the ugliest aspects of human behavior. I have seen it all first hand and know better. Study or observe crime close up and you will know why we need police forces and the military to protect us. It isn't because there are just bad people out there, it is because there are totally evil people out there. Heaven help the entire world if they become a world leader like Hitler or Stalin or Mao Tse Tung or the terror happy Ayatollas in Iran.

I am a proponent for totally reforming the Constitution to put more teeth into the justice system. We need to reform our court systems and bring back hanging and firing squads as identified legal means of execution. I believe in getting rid of criminal refuse in an efficient manner without tender loving kindness extended to the murderers and rapists and violent pedophiles.

I believe in the death penalty for all serious crime. Under changes I would like to see, those corrupt bankers would not be around anymore. They are predators who had the opportunity and self identified by their wanton and ugly criminal behavior. They are running free because our courts do not know how to charge them and probably could not convict them with a jury of their peers hearing the case. Our juror system is extremely expensive in work hours wasted and money spent on witnesses. Overall the system is horribly under productive.

We need to do away with stupid large juries that do not have the education to even understand the crimes that have been committed. You wonder why almost none of the corrupt greedy bankers who brought this severe recession upon the world are behind bars. Simple, it would be almost impossible for a jury of our (usually uneducated) peers to understand the nature of the criminality committed by the bankers. Our justice system drastically needs structural reform, but no Presidential Candidate is offering that as a solution to the problem.

We need to hold all trials before three judges who are experts in their field. Thus three judges who have studied economics and banking would be the trial judges and juries. Since they would be hired from society, they would still qualify as a jury of our peers. The partial exception being that they would be our EDUCATED PEERS. There is nothing wrong with having educated people who understand the issues in a position to judge if a criminal act took place. Consider having judges who were experts at forensic evidence. Trials could be over in a matter of minutes instead of weeks spent trying to educate the jury about science and medicine.

To my way of thinking, I see the Democratic Party as just as corrupt as the Republican Party and would like to see laws repudiating their outrageous and open corruption and money grubbing techniques. Almost all politicians regardless of party affiliation are on the take simply because they need money to run their reelection campaigns.

That could very easily be done away with by giving politicians free airtime (on both radio and television) to tell the public about their positions and platforms and goals for America, but not one dollar would be spent on television commercials (Damn, they are so totally annoying!).

Anybody caught trying to bribe a legislator, or judge or executive (City, County, State, or Federal) or any legislator or judge or executive caught taking a bribe would be tried before a three judge jury of their peers and promptly executed by firing squad, hanging or lethal injection (Whatever they ask for, either in person or by the nature of their criminality). You would quickly see money move out of bribing politics and integrity return. Our legislators would be men and women of integrity and you would not see so many of the predator like people in elective office. Meanwhile we would gradually be eliminating them from society, because they always self identify.

Again, I am not a liberal, though I understand how tremendously valuable the Federal Reserve System is to America. As I have posted in earlier posts I do not like either political party and I do not like a Constitution that allows such open criminality all across the land in defiance of the common good and common sense of the eighty percent of the people who are mild, loving and kind. I suspect that Libertarians would categorize my position is fascist. Unlike Libertarians, I believe in a strong and totally efficient justice system.

Now, the Democrats and a few Republicans voting with them have supposedly tightened up the Banking Laws to prevent the tremendous abuses of the corrupt Bush Presidency. Changing the law after the fact still does not take away from the horrible Raping of America that those bankers managed to get away with scot-free. If we were to revise the Constitution, I would put an Ex-Post-Facto provision in that would allow the government to try those predatory crooks for the crimes they committed against America. That means we would clearly redefine the crime and try those Bush era sons of bitches under the new definition of the law.

I do not believe in "Change that we can believe in."

I believe in practical but strong change that can bring definite and positive results. Sadly, that 80 percent of the populace that are mild and loving and kind people are afraid of strong change, so they will continue to be victims of the predators in society. The kind people always set themselves up and then wonder why they were victimized. Predators always prey upon the weak because the weak are always available to be eaten.

We have got to put a stop to that.

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