Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have decided that I should announce my candidacy for the office of President of these United States.

I am fed up with the degree of corruption that I have seen in the past thirty years of our government. Congress is bought and sold by Big Money Influence and Interests. Banking in this country is not in any way an honorable profession. Money is being invested with tremendous risk because the Big Banks all realize that they will be bailed out by the Federal Reserve and their friends in Congress who will do their bidding as long as they get "campaign contributions." If you ask me, it looks like Congress is prostituting itself to whoever donates the most money. This constantly ongoing and overt corruption of our Representative Democracy has got to stop.

We need a constitutional convention and the only way we are going to have one is for somebody to announce that if elected he or she will, on the very first day he or she is president, decree that a New Constitutional Convention be convened one month from Inauguration Day.

Each state will have representation based upon the total number of Congressional Representatives and Senators they have in Congress. No sitting member of Congress will be allowed at the same time to be a Constitutional Convention representative. The meeting place should be somewhere in the center of the United States, perhaps in the Denver area. The object will be to keep as much of the present system of government as possible but to eliminate many of the weaknesses of the present Constitution.

An example would be that we need to reform the justice system to streamline the trial system at both the Federal and State level.

I propose that our current jury system is out of date and extremely wasteful of work hours as well as financial resources. A specific example of a proposed system for reform would be a Three Judge/Jury system of trial where the judges would also serve as the "jury of our peers." They would just be expert peers intelligent enough to understand the evidence presented. Under my proposal the judges/jurors would be educated in areas of expertise, such as economics for embezzlement and forensics for cases that involve forensics evidence. That way we will not have to call in so called "experts" to teach the jury what DNA evidence is, or how the intricacies of money transfer and manipulation can be used to embezzle funds. Via these means we could easily cut the trial time and the outrageous trial costs.

The constitution will clearly define maximum punishment for serious Federal crimes as death and will declare that hanging and firing squads are not prohibited because the constitution will clearly define them as NOT "cruel and unusual punishment." The death penalty will be in accordance with tradition and will honor previous state laws to that effect. Thus if Utah wants to bring back firing squads they can.

To remove the effect of money (bribes) on our political system I propose that we abolish the present system whereby the Military Industrial Complex and other major industries such as the Nuclear Power and Petroleum Industry and Coal Industry have been running this country by buying favors from Congress. In the future, all lobbying will be outlawed. There will be no campaign contributions and no special favors granted thereby. The maximum penalty for trying to bribe or influence a congressman will be death. The maximum penalty for mismanagement of funds should be set at death for the Big Bankers who think it is all a game because they are backed by the Federal Government. Since they are counting on the Federal Government we should make it a Federal Crime and define it as Treason against the People of the United States. I'd even volunteer for one of the firing squads for those scumbags who have been ripping off the taxpayers to the tune of Trillions of Dollars. All of our national debt was created by and for these corrupt elements. If we did not spend that money on them, we would not be in debt. We don't need people like that in America.

I propose that no candidate running for elective office need buy airtime for advertising. The present rash of election time advertising on the airwaves is enough to drive people crazy, anyway. Instead, all candidates for elective office will have free airtime to present their positions and or debate their opponents. We can use the present television networks or set up a free airtime network for all political campaigns. There will be no advertising via circular or posters, either. I totally dislike seeing all of the posters on telephone poles and on fences that pollute the scenery. Bulk telephone calls that annoy people at all hours of the evening will also be proscribed. If the actual candidates want to sit and call a hundred people in the evening that would be allowed, but if they call while I am eating dinner or watching my favorite program in the evening, I am going to hang up on them. My home is my castle and I no longer will tolerate all that racket at election time. The news on the airwaves and the newspaper stories as well as the public broadcasting will be sufficient. I am sick and tired of seeing all of the backstabbing and dishonesty and innuendo that attends all of the political advertising of the past. It has got to stop!

Debates Yes! Backstabbing, No!

We need to make it our policy that we will not maintain our excessively large military to use in efforts to suppress political process or set up dictatorships in foreign lands like we have always done.

We might actually make this work if enough people get serious about it. Our military should be used for national defense at our borders and should no longer be used for political purposes anywhere in the world. For that reason we should greatly downsize the manpower requirements to one tenth of our present size. If we do not have a large military, we will be less tempted to use it,as we have been doing ever since Kennedy was assassinated. We have lost too many fine young people in our foreign engagements/wars. Let the United Nations keep world peace. That is what it is there for. In that case, if our young people want to serve in United Nations peace keeping forces they would be free to do so without loss of citizenship as is presently the case.

I am not opposed to increasing the size of the United States, so if any of the other countries or parts of countries of North America want to become States in the Union we should facilitate that process. We could, indeed, in the future become The United States of North America.

The potential for the future is tremendous if only we correct the problems of today.

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