Sunday, February 5, 2012

Declare the Republican Party to be Illegal

The Republiscam Party needs to be shut down and almost all of their leadership placed in prison where they belong. I have watched and watched over the years as the Republiscam Corruption has become a horrible blight on America and the world.

It is time for a new Constitutional Convention to outlaw all of the grossly corrupt Republiscam practices. It is the only way to bring decency back to America. Hopefully we will have a constitutional convention before we have a Civil War. The shooting will start this summer or next.

There is only so much oppression and dishonesty the people can endure.

One of the rallying cries will be "Death to the Ɯberreich!" and though I will not support them, I will understand. This oppression and exploitation of the poorer sixty to seventy percent of society urgently needs to come to an end. The raping of America and the world for personal financial gain has to cease.

The leadership of the Republiscam Party are the most openly corrupt assemblage of thieves and pathological liars ever gathered into one organization in world history.

They dwarf the Nazi Party of Germany and are many, many times more evil.

I propose that in the place of a satanically evil political party that has left a disgusting brown stain on world history that we create a new political party called the Moderates. None of the present Republiscam leadership would be allowed to transfer to the Moderate Party. Men with no moral conscience like that need to be removed and set aside in prisons where they belong. Almost everybody in the former Bush administration needs to go to prison.

Unfortunately we do not have the laws in place to put them where they belong. That can be remedied with a new Constitutional Convention.The Republiscam Party is controlled by Big Monied Interests. Though most pretend to be Christians, their actual God is money. Their every thought is about money and the accumulation of same.


Consider the war against Iraq. There was absolutely no reason for us to attack that country and drive Saddam from power. We had him and his military contained by the No Fly zones after the Kuwait War. In other words we put him in a position where he could no longer attack Iran or Kuwait.

That containment, of course, created some stability in that region and there was little bloodshed caused by the Iraqi war machine which was at one time a formidable army in the region. After the Radical Islamic attack against the United States, on 9/11 Bush decided that a real war using troops and various ammunitions and weapons that would cost Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to use would be very beneficial to his corrupt Republiscam henchmen and the Money Grubbing Military-Industrial Complex that they served.

So, with no actual cause for war, we made up accusations about Weapons of Mass Destruction that were difficult to refute and stormed on in and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and removed the strong government that Saddam used to control his diverse assortment of peoples that were called the Iraqi nation.

Saddam had them under control as only a King or a Military Strong man could in a region that had never known Democracy. With Saddam in power they did not have bombs exploding in market places on a daily basis. Christians had churches to go to in that land and for the most part there was very little sectarian violence directed against them. They lived in peace with their neighbors while in rightful fear of Saddam. People got along because their government authority and law enforcement was strong and would not allow sectarian violence. Evil men like Muqtada al-Sadr fled Iraq to hide in Iran because Saddam would not tolerate him in Iraq. Though totally evil, Sadr was smart.

If people stepped out of line, Saddam would imprison and/or execute them as strongmen always have done. Back in history if the King ordered you to be beheaded, he had a "Divine Right" to do so. And so it has always been with strongmen who were leaders of countries. In ancient times, the strongmen were called Kings. In present times they are called dictators. They are still just strongmen who have taken power or had it handed to them because they come from a family that had taken power in the past. In initially setting up the artificial country of Iraq, England gave them a king because England knew that Democracy and Islam do not blend very well. Unfortunately the family that the British chose to rule that land was weak and a strong man had to arise from among the Arabs who dominated the land and that man was Saddam. Just like Hitler, he started out doing a good job for his country, and just like Hitler he tried to expand his rule into other lands.

That was unacceptable, so we initially gave weapons to the Iranians (Iran Contra Scandal of the Reagan Administration). The war was fought to a bloody standstill and hostilities ceased. The United Stated then enticed Saddam to invade Kuwait by sending him wrong diplomatic messages. The Jury is still out as to whether this was deliberate or an accident. When Saddam would not withdraw, we forced him out in a nifty little war (that was very profitable to the Republiscam Military Industrial Complex) and set up the containment offered by the No Fly Zones (and used Republiscam Military Industrial Complex weapons to enforce that containment).

The Republiscams wanted to see more spending for their corporations' weapons of war, so pressure was brought on Bush to get into another military action that would require the use of existing stockpiles of munitions so that more weapons and weapons systems would have to be bought. Profit! Profit! Profit! Money! Money! Money!

So posturing for another war was started. There were allegations that Saddam was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. The American people were repeatedly told by the right wing press and news media what a horrible man Saddam was as the strong man (King) of Iraq. Not only was Saddam horrible, but his sons were horrible.

The Iraq War, or the War in Iraq (also referred to as the Occupation of Iraq, the Second Gulf War, or Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States military), was the solution to all of the American propaganda. Being a student of history I remembered how Hitler's Nazi Germany had tried to vilify the Poles so he could justify his invasion of that land. We were just following a plan that had been used successfully by Josef Goebbles. It worked, and American public opinion was strongly behind the new war effort.

So in a blitzkrieg war of annihilation our modern armies using radioactive ammunitions (bullets and anti-tank shells) stormed into the country, killed any opposition or supposed opposition in front of us and removed Saddam from power. Our mightly military and government had no plans for providing a stable rule over the sectarian divisions in the populace and total chaos ensued. The end result was that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered. Whole towns were contaminated with radioactive particulate so that babies will be still born and born with deformities for thousand of years in the areas where the radioactive ammunition was used. The museums of antiquity and precious historical items were looted. Why? Why? Why? After the war there was no strong control and sectarian violence was allowed to escalate. It has been estimated that as many as a million innocent civilians died in the sectarian violence that followed the removal of Saddam. The Christian Churches were destroyed and the parishioners were killed or forced to relocate to a country with more stability. Bombs were going off in marketplaces and outside mosques and people like Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army were back in Iraq.

What an insane world we created for those poor people. Yet, the Republiscam Military Industrial Complex companies were raking in the profits. To add to that, the Bush administration even signed outrageous "money hand out contracts" to companies to run and rebuild Iraq after we had destroyed so much of their infrastructure. Companies like Halliburton made Billions after a few thousand American soldiers died to set conditions up for them.

Why did the American People not rise up and stop this nonsense? Simple, we had been brainwashed by our own propaganda and believed we were there for moral reasons when the reality was that it was all about Profit, Profit, Profit and Money, Money, Money.

Much the same happened in Afghanistan were we did not need to try to remove their religious leadership dictatorship. The Taliban had not attacked the United States. They had just given shelter to a man and some of his cronies who had plotted the 9/11 attack on the United States.

We could very easily have paid the proper person or persons to deliver the head of Osama bin Ladin to us and we could have spared the war effort and the loss of so many fine young Americans. But there was profit, profit, profit and money, money, money to be made, so the Republiscams wanted that military engagement as well.

Well, the Republiscams did what they wanted to do. They wasted thousands of young American lives in the process. It is all highly corrupt and needs to be stopped and outlawed.

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