Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Iran's New President calls for 'constructive' dialogue, end to 'unhealthy' rivalries.

I have written to Obama (as should everybody in our democracy) telling him that we need to accept the olive branch this new leader is offering us. It is remarkable that this newly elected Iranian President can forgo the memory of the Millions and Millions of innocent people that the United States Military Industrial Complex has caused to die or be enslaved in prisons for wanting freedom for their fellow countrymen. We have proven ourselves to be the most anti-Freedom nation in the world while loudly proclaiming what a wonderful thing Freedom is.

Damn, we are hypocrites!

We have installed Dictators and pretend Kings in Islamic countries from Indonesia to Morocco and set up Nazi like Police States in many of those countries while stealing their resources.

So now, the Iranian President says, "Lets look past all of the wrongs you have done in the world and let's move forward. Extremely BRAVE of him, especially when you consider that there are many militants in Iran who might target him for trying to seek peace with the enemy.

Israel, meanwhile, is loudly proclaiming that we should remain hostile towards Iran and support Israel without exception or question. Israeli abuse and slaughter of Arabs is well documented as well as Arab slaughter of Israelis is documented. That is an ongoing reality that we need to turn away from and shun as if it is totally evil, because it most certainly is.

We have a potential new era ahead of us where, if we take the olive branch from Iran, we might persuade Israel to make a comparable and compatible effort, and we just might find that we can put an end to war and hatred with God's guidance and as Jesus taught us in His sermons. It will take a generation or longer for the hatred to pass away, but it can pass. There has been tremendous injustice by the US, Britain and Israel and the Islamics in what they see as justified retribution. What goes around comes around. We can still strive for peace.

The Irrational Fools who claim to be Christians and support Israel in all of the horrible evil that country has done need to go back and read the Sermon on the Mount and get right with Jesus. For those who claim to Believe, it is "COME TO JESUS TIME," but not the LAST DAYS or END TIMES. "No man shall know....."

It is not in our power to bring the End Times to reality as many foolish Christian leaders seem to think and pontificate from the pulpit. Many of those "Christian Leaders" are in it to make money, and it is very profitable to stoke the End Time fires, but it goes against the basic teachings of Jesus, and those "leaders" are being exposed in their horrible sin of Stoking Hatred while worshiping Mammon.

The arrival of the Later Days will be taken care of by God if and when He decides the End Times are due. So back off from foolish positions and remember that Jesus taught us that we are supposed to LOVE our fellow men and women, not KILL them for ideology (IDOL-OGY). For many, the interpretation of Biblical Prophecy has become a totally false IDOL.

Folks, it is time to re-access what we have been doing and then change our ways to what Jesus would have us do.

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