Friday, June 7, 2013

Immigration Reform In The United States. Gotta Have It? Naah!

The Republican Party has been clamoring, screaming and bellowing that we are going to have Immigration Reform come Hell or High Water.

Over the years, I have voted Republican 90 percent of the time, but since the Republicans in Washington are now outright criminals and ardent racists, I have to call them on this.

Immigration Reform for them stands for "KEEP THE BEANERS OUT!!!" (Beaners is offensive slang for Mexicans and/or all Latin Americans of brown skin.) That entire concept is immoral and unethical and greatly helped the Republican Candidate Romney to a loss in the last election. We did not need that Satanic Scum Bag anyway.

The Republicans lost the "Latin Language Roots" vote. Those of that language ancestry voted overwhelmingly for Obama. There is no reason to wonder why.

They see the racism implicit in the constant Republican attack and disparagement of recent Spanish speaking immigrants. Amazing that the Republicans would resort to such horrible nasty language as we have seen on Fox news interviews. Blatant lies and crude distortion of facts are the norm for them just like it was when the United States decided in the late 1800's and the 1920's to treat Asian immigrants like dirt. History repeats itself, and we are seeing it rolling around again in its most ugly form.

Now that they have created all of this hatred in America the Republicans have suddenly realized that there are tens of millions of registered voters (legal citizens, many of whom are eighth, ninth and tenth generation Americans of Latin American descent) who have been forced over to the Democratic Party simply because of a negative and outright racist perception of the Republican Party. Having grown up in Mexico I am sensitive to what they say and feel offended when they use the language that they use.

With the elections coming up next year, they fear losing control of the House of Representatives, so are going to have to put the racist Immigration Reform screams and shouts on the political back burner until after the elections. But then, of course, they then have to look towards the Presidential elections a year and a half away.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow! It is a miracle in the happening.

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