Friday, June 7, 2013

Early Onset of Cancer in Children in Fukushima as Compared to Chernobyl

Japanese Government Health Experts are at odds on whether radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident led to an unexpectedly high occurrence rate of thyroid gland cancer among children in Fukushima Prefecture in northern Japan.

"Twelve of the 174,000 children who have undergone the comprehensive checkups have been found with thyroid gland cancer, with an additional 16 suspected of having the disease.

A majority of radiologists, as well as the prefectural government, have dismissed speculation that radiation from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant had any role in the numbers. But others said it is premature to make any assessment based on the currently available data.

The figures mean about one in every 15,000 children [6.7 in every 100,000] in Fukushima Prefecture has thyroid gland cancer. The rate soars to one in every 6,000 [16.7 in every 100,000] if the suspected cases are included.

Those figures are higher than the thyroid gland cancer occurrence rate of 1.7 in every 100,000 individuals between the ages 15 and 19 in Miyagi and three other prefectures in 2007. [...]"

Total insanity from the Japanese! After Chernobyl the thyroid case rate in growing children increased far later than it is presently happening at Fukushima, as if Cancer is in a rush to start killing.

Obviously Fukushima is at the leading edge of a gigantic tidal wave of Cancer, and yet the government is still lying to the people as their children are put at increasing risk of death.

I said two years ago they should evacuate fifty million people from northern Japan because of the massive radioactive particulate contamination. The government has ignored that and they have in place of my practical but expensive solution decided that they are going to lie like hell about all of the Cancer cases. It is already illegal to report to the public any death or sickness statistics from those provinces most effected by contamination.

Each day that these poor gullible people live in this cesspool of contamination, more and more of them will have cancers start in their bodies. They will find out about their cancers in ten to twenty years in most cases.

Remember, Republiscams, regardless of nation do not care if you live or die. The only thing that matters to them is Profit. Money is their God, and Scamming is their game.

So we have got to ask the question. If the United States has a meltdown like Fukushima will our government lie to us like the Japanese lie to their own people?

A meltdown here is a very high probability considering the horrible engineering mistakes that have been built into our plants. San Onofre has been a disaster waiting to happen for 40 years now. Thank heavens it is presently shut down and may not be started up again.

If we had a real Nuclear Regulatory Agency in the United States, half of the nuclear plants in this country would never have been allowed to start up (pull their rods out for the first time.)

Of course, if we had any engineers who knew what the flux they were doing, the nuclear plants would never have been designed with all of the flaws that I have pointed out over the years. Our nuclear engineers are a bunch of sh**heads who never should have received their college degrees.

Meanwhile if you live near a nuclear site, have your doctor check you carefully every time you have a physical. You want tests for even the slightest trace of cancer, because the earlier you detect it the better your chances are of survival.

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