Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dr. Niman on the MERS outbreak.

Dr. Niman on the MERS outbreak. The US does not have a vaccine for this. Not even in the planning stages. Oh Boy!

Niman's comments: "Thus, all human sequences are closely related to each other, and easily distinguished from all bat sequences, which are decades or centuries away from the human sequences. The eighth human sequence, from the first case in Riyadh represents other regions but is identical to the consensus sequence for those regions.

The two sets of sequences from the French cases increases the number of public human sequences to eight and all are virtually identical to the consensus (identities of 99.6% or higher) strongly supporting human transmission, which appears to be evolving toward greater efficiency as seen by the large hospital clusters in eastern Saudi Arabia as well as the export of MERS-CoV via infected patients traveling via commercial airline from the Middle East to England, France, Tunisia, or Morocco.

These hospital clusters and exports, coupled with the high case fatality rate, signal sustained community transmission in the Middle East." To read on, please access the article above.

Now, my comments, and you may copy in total if you want to.:

Did you see the comments about the Bat Sequences? (Decades or Centuries AWAY from Human Sequences.) When the SARS outbreak spread over the border from China into Hong Kong in 2002 -03, there was some conjecture that it spread from Civit Cats to Bats and then on to humans. That was as best I remember not actually confirmed, but Bats did indeed have a virus that was similar to SARS. Now, for MERS, the conjecture is that it was passed from Civit Cats to humans though the bats again, but no samples of the virus match up with the Human viruses.

Thus Niman, who is no fool, pointed out with humor "Decades or Centuries." I believe he knows like I do that it is a Chinese Bio Weapon that is being trialed outside China. If they are trialing it out side of China, you can be certain that they have a vaccine IN China. How many have been vaccinated, I do not know, but they have a massive peasant labor class that is only partially employed on collective farms.

As the Chinese have shown in the past, they do not care if many of them die. The peasants are probably not vaccinated and the Chinese have no intention to do so.

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