Thursday, May 30, 2013

Are we toppling over into a Global Depression?

Well, maybe not. But the indicators are starting to look real bad.

Continuing Claims for week of 05/18 2986K (74,000 more than the previous week's first report)

They were reported at 2912K the previous week. That is a marked increase and an obvious indication that the Sequester has terminated the economic recovery.

Sad that, the GDP - Second Estimate for the First Quarter was 2.4%

This is a hell of a time for the economy to start crashing. Even without a jobs bill for 3 years thanks to that Republiscam Satanic Son of a b*tch Boehner, we were in recovery. Now we are sliding down the slope into what looks to be the Greatest Depression the world will ever see (Judging from how bad things already are in Europe.

Remember, retail sales ex auto were Negative two weeks ago. Also the PPI for April was -0.7% and CPI for April was -0.4%. (Both PPI and CPI being negative says we are seeing Deflation, which is a horrible thing.) Industrial Production for Apr was -0.5%.

If this crud continues, within a year, the US will have riots in the streets. We are already seeing spontaneous riots from ethnic minorities in Europe, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Boy are the Republiscams going to make a lot of money off of this! Once they found out that they could control the world economy, there is no stopping them. They build it up with Federal Reserve Electronic Dollars and then tank it via various means. In both directions they make money because they know where the stock market is going in both directions because they are in charge.

I guess what we need is another war and appropriate war spending to revive the economy. The Republiscams would most appreciative.

Government under the Republiscam administrations has always created strong employment with Military Industrial Complex spending either in wars or in preparation for same.

Former President Eisenhower warned us against this, but it has become a horribly ugly reality. If they want to have a roaring economy, the only way to get Congress to spend the money necessary is to get us into a war. Yehah!

Thus witness the Vietnam War (There was no Gulf of Tonkin incident. That was all fake) where Nixon continued the war for five years after he promised to end it with his secret plan.

Thus witness the Kuwait War. (CIA Bush enticed Saddam to annex the most southern province of Iraq after England "officially created" an artificial country with a pretend king.) That pretend country was called Kuwait and Saddam had every right to take it back, expecially after our Ambassador to Iraq told them that we had "no say on Arab vs Arab conflicts."

Thus witness the Afghanistani War against the Taliban which was not justified as the Afghans did not attack the US on 9/11, and Osama Bin Ladin was hiding in Tora Bora an area controlled by the Northern Alliance in the Afghan Civil War. The Taliban had no control over Osama, but the Drug merchant Northern Alliance did.

Thus witness the insane war to remove Saddam from Iraq after we had him bottled up behind the no fly zones and the UN insisted that he had no weapons of Mass Destruction. Fortunate Son Bush lied like hell to get that war. He had to try a bunch of different lies on the American public, but he got that war. Boy was he happy! Boy did his Republiscam friends get rich and richer.

Millions and millions and millions of innocent people have died or been injured so the Military Industrial Complex "Merchants of Death and Destruction" can have their wars for fun and profit. _

__________________________________________________________ Republiscams = Republic Scammers = Those who scam the government = Traitors

They are Fat Cat Industrialists, Bankers and Politicians (from either political party) who have taken over our country for the practice of their religion which is the worship of money and the massive accumulation of same by any means possible - Scam, Murder, Fraud, Bribery, WAR!

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