Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spanish as an Official Language for the United States?

I am so fed up with the nincompoops who keep demanding that English be made the only official language of the United States. A lot of states have passed laws to that effect. That is probably an offshoot of the fact that our educational standards are so low in this country for high school graduates. I recently compared the present graduation requirements for High School, and they were approximately what was required for Eighth Grade Graduation when I was a student in 1962. We have fallen a long, long, long way since then baby! What a disaster!

Just like Canada has two official languages for their country, it is about time that the United States approves Spanish and English as the two official languages of our country. At least that way we could insist on Spanish classes for children in Junior High School to make our pathetic education system look a little but more modern (Like Europe where many schools introduce at least one foreign language at the elementary level.

Why Spanish?

Well, that is simple. Geography and History set the precedent. Most of the countries south of the United States speak Spanish. Way over half of our country was Spanish or Mexican at one time or another before we took the land away from them. There are many families who still speak their native tongue in the United States.

Quite frankly it is time for the Rednecks who are too stupid to learn another language to give up on their "English is the only language of America" nonsense and accept one of the world's most beautiful languages, Spanish, to compliment the difficult language of English.

I think that within a few generations everybody in this country but the most mentally challenged would be speaking Spanish.

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