Saturday, March 23, 2013

Enough is Enough?

The Americans are finally starting to realize that the Rich Sons Of Bitches have been ripping us off for too long.

I'll give you some examples of how corruption allows individuals to get filthy rich while buying off Congress.

We have an essentially free Interstate Highway system for Americans to use. The Government built it with American Taxpayer money. Say thank you to Eisenhower for his foresight.

So, why do we not have a Free Internet system and free satellite access? Why are we paying so much money for Internet access when it could be our modern communication highway system? Why are we paying so much for Satellite access when it should be an information highway? Simple, the Cable providers and the Satellite providers want to make Trillions off of the American Public, so they bribe Congress so that they can stay in business. It need not be that way.

My solution is simple and I first proposed it a quarter of a century ago. The United States should put up satellites that broadcast to all of North America for Free (Damn good use of Taxpayer's money!). All American households would have to do would be to put up a satellite dish (Assuming, of course they had electricity and a television.)

Internet access would be bought by government and provided either free by Cable or Wifi. Some metropolitan areas of cities have already done this. Again, this would be a fantastic use of Taxpayer's money.

We cannot get a bill like that through Congress because the industries own Congress.

The Coal Industry owns Congress. They have been polluting the planet with radioactive coal ash, and making mountains of radioactive coal ash all over the country. People living near those coal ash piles and people breathing coal ash in the air die from Cancer and other ailments. So why does Congress not order the Coal industry to make cement blocks out of the Coal Ash? The states could use those cement blocks to build offshore islands and or fish sanctuaries off of our coasts to protect our coast lines and to increase living habitat for fish (that are being fished out on all of our coast lines)????

Why is the Nuclear Industry allowed to kill millions of Americans with radioactive particulate pollution? That is right, they have bought their right to kill Americans with Cancer for their personal financial profit from Congress. Not only that, but Congress has voted the United States as the Insurer of the Nuclear Industry in case they have a Fukushima like accident. As I have pointed out for many years now, San Onofre was just as horribly engineered as Fukushima was, but nobody cared. For forty years we have risked the lives of Five Million people in Southern California because some fat cats wanted to get rich while killing Americans with pollution. The Fat Cats are rich and too many Americans are dead from Cancer and millions more will die from Cancer in the future.

For half a century I have called for a Water to the West Program. Every year we have floods in the Midwest were we have too much snow melt all at one time and not enough capacity to store the water, yet, if we diverted Rocky Mountain streams and used dams in North and South Dakota and a few other states, we could pump water to large reservoirs west of the Rocky Mountains where it could be used to grow forests or crops in desert land that needs to be reclaimed to help fight excess global warming Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. The excess crops or lumber that we would grow would pay for the Water to the West program.

The United States could go heavily into solar cells on houses in the west and south where there is ample sunlight. Yet, an aggressive program has never been approved in Congress, because the power companies would lose revenue and profit, and the Coal and Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries would lose revenue and profit. So the United States continues to massively add to global pollution and green house gas emissions so those industries can have massive profits. For years I have asked for this massive project, and all we have seen is token gestures. At least there are some houses going solar.

I could go on and on and on, but what is the use. Most Americans are too ignorant to see what is happening right before their very eyes. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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