Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is a True Conservative?

I am a conservative. I have voted Republican ever since Reagan first ran for President. (That is when I have not voted for myself, which I have done frequently in the past few years.)

Conservative some ask? Yep, I say, "I'm an Old Fashioned Conservative who believes that we do not need to be the world's policeman. In fact we do not need to have a massive armed forces signature. America after World War One laid down our weapons and reverted to our traditional peace time Army and Navy. We were not a country to spend outrageously for weapons of war. Nor did we look for fights to get into so that Fat Cat Republiscams could make billions off of the American taxpayers. (Our present horrific Nightmare that is ever increasing in frightening revelation and consequence.)

I want to return to that old type of conservatism that did not use our military all over the world and sacrifice American lives so that Fat Cat Republiscams could get fabulously wealthy at the expense of countless human lives.

Eisenhower warned us about the "War Pushing People" -- The Military Industrial Complex. They start wars so they can get contracts that give them outrageous personal profit. I firmly believe that Kennedy was killed by the Republiscam element in Government because he was going to pull our advisers out of Vietnam. The Republiscams wanted to make their evil Billions so Kennedy had to go.

Government back in our old conservative period used to be fairly honest and presidents were not killed for individual profit. Now, we have Republiscams all over the place Scamming the Republic. They can be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. It does not matter what party they belong to. It only matters that they are corrupt as Hell and see the American Congress as a means to instant wealth and continuing prosperity for them and their progeny.

We see them in the corrupt Nuclear Industry, the highly corrupt Banking Industry, the corrupt Coal Industry, the corrupt Oil Industry, the corrupt Pharmaceutical Industry and so on. They all finagle extreme special privilege and fantastic financial gain from Congress which is horribly, horribly, horribly corrupt. My former Congressman, Vietnam War Ace Cunningham is in prison for that disgusting kind of corruption. His greed was too openly obvious.

We have got to put a stop to that corrupt sheeeet, and return to old fashioned conservative values. Sure, there were ripoffs of government in the past, but not as flagrant as the ripoffs are now. The corrupt bastards now need to be put on trial for treason as an example that we are going to finally clean house after a half century of a massive tidal wave of corruption.

We need to return to our old fashioned values before the Republiscams totally destroy this country. Some say they already have. I note that most of those crooks like the Bush family clan have expansive foreign villas or estates so that they can flee this country once they have stolen enough to make the Middle Class nonexistent. That will cause the people to riot about how corrupt it all is.

Folks, we are very close to that now. The shootings and insane violence are already starting up, and they are signs of a very sick society that needs urgent reform.

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