Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sub Species of Human Being Versus Individual Profit

The Republiscams like Romney believe that Government should be run for their personal gain as that is how you make Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. You most certainly do not make it by working a "job" like the "obviously inferior subhuman" otherwise known as "little people" working 9 to 5 crowd.

Along the way, the Republiscams find ways to pay no taxes, because the Republiscams have already set up the tax code so that they (The Uber Rich) pay little to no income taxes. To paraphrase a movie I have always liked, "It's a nice 'deal' if you can get it.

Romney knows that the way to really get rich is to use a corrupt "Network of Friends," and "Friends of Friends" to get special financial deals and favors from those "Friends" and a very corrupt Congress. Why do you think he does not want to release his income taxes? Why does he hide his money offshore? And to think the Republican Party actually wants this man to be President!


I don't want him to be President. He looks like a crook to me, even though he has a good profile. All I see when I look at him is the word CROOK typed across his forehead for all to see. Unfortunately, many of my friends pretend that they do not see it, and think that it is better to have another crook in office than a liberal. They fear liberals more than they do open criminality and even the ensuing government ripoffs of hundreds of Billions and even Trillions of Dollars. To them, a crook at hand is better than a liberal in the house.

If you are a Corrupt Politician (Commonly called a "Willing Friend -- Sort of like a bed partner," you do favors for your friends and they have friends who do favors for you. Most everybody with lots of ill gotten gains is in bed with Congres and those other Friends. In their world, what goes around comes around, and they all get fantastically wealthy as long as they can use free money and special legal favors from our corrupt Congress. It matters not that poorer people's lives are forfeit for personal profit, such as the deaths caused by senseless endless war or the Nuclear Industry or the Pharmaceutical Industry. Those lives are easily expendable, and most of the ever poorer and poorer middle class and below do not see what is going on.

I call them those poor and poorer people Sheeple. They Baaaah and Baaaaah and go about their lives wondering why we are always in wars (just like the book 1984 warned us about), why they have to pay so much for medical care when the rest of the world has fairly reasonable costs, Why so many people are dying of Cancer, why they have to pay so much for fuel and why food is so damn expensive in the modern grocery stores. Why do you pay Five or more dollars a pound for meat that costs the Grocery chain less than a dollar a pound to buy. Why? Because some fat cat sons of bitches are getting fantastically wealthy off of the middle class. That's why, and congress smiles.

If you get a Republiscam drunk, you can frequently get them talking. I have opportunity to meet with them and drink with them on occasion. They are all smelly racists of a particular odd feather. They believe that the "less wealthy people" are an inferior subspecies of human being. (This is even worse than the British Upper Class looking down on the lower class. I know that seems impossible, but it is very true in America.).

That subspecies of human being can be used to fight wars for the Republiscams' personal profit. The subspecies are expendable. All those "Morally Driven to Stand Up for Democracy and Freedom" boys and girls joining our military are just cannon fodder to be used and forgotten. Occasionally we erect a plaque or wall with the names of the "fallen" and the American families that have lost their children feel a sense of pride that their children died in such a noble cause. Yet, in the heartland of America the people still believe that we are driven by moral purpose. If you ask them what the purpose was, they can not explain, but will proudly say something like FREEDOM (When all the United States has been doing is setting up hundreds of dictatorships all over the world so we can exploit the natural resources of the nations thus governed.

They know not that that it is all about Republiscams getting richer and richer and richer. Sir Cheney of Haliburton is the most perfect example. It isn't about Democracy and it isn't about Freedom. It IS all about personal financial gain and they do not give a damn about the lost lives.

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