Friday, May 11, 2012


Just like when Fortunate Son Bush (Dubya and all of his crooks in his administration were in power and raping the country nearly to the point of death, the horribly corrupt Republiscam bankers at one of those too big to fail Massively Corrupt Institutions that we call "banks" just posted a TWO BILLION DOLLAR LOSS! That, of course, is not the end of the world at a bank THAT large, and they can survive if they do not have another Derivative bet fail them.

My tremendous discontent (righteous indignation) rests in the insanity of the situation. They are betting with TAXPAYER'S money because they know "since they are too big to fail," the taxpayers will bail them out if the bets they are placing in the market fail them and US, the American People.

The Traders (Republiscams) working for JP Morgan Risk NOTHING with their bets. They will get their Fifty Million Dollar bonuses just like they always have and, if necessary, shift to another bank at a higher rate of pay as happened with all of the corrupt Republiscam Bankers last time around. Hell, THOSE SAME SONS OF BITCHES were playing with the Savings and Loan money when CIA Bush was in power and he and his sons and all of his henchmen were horribly raping the nation and they had the confirmation that they always knew was there that they could soak the American Taxpayers and never have to pay back a single penny.

You say you want a revolution?

I want ALL of those corrupt sons of bitches in prison where they belong. That includes every member of both of the past two Corrupt Bush administrations. You can throw corrupt Romney in there, too.


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