Thursday, April 5, 2012


Republiscams put on a good show of piety, yet I have never been able to find one True Christian, devout Jew or faithful Islamic among their filthy lot.

Christ taught "Love Your Brother," yet Republiscams fully support the military industrial complex in all of the made up wars they bring you with each successive Republican administration.

Christ taught that you were not supposed to worship money, yet the Republiscams thrive on their worship of money. It was Republiscam Bankers who gave us the Trillion Dollar Savings and Loan Scandal when CIA Bush was president, and it was Republiscam Bankers who gave us the 20 Trillion Dollar Banking Scandal when Fortunate Son Bush was President.

Christ taught us to Feed and Shelter the poor, yet the Republiscams just want them all to die.

Christ taught honesty and integrity, yet Republiscams bribe Congress or are bribed in Congress to get their grubby corrupt hands on Federal appropriations (usually for war efforts.)

Christ taught that we were supposed to care for the Sick and Injured, yet Republiscams are responsible for the United States being the one industrialized country that does not have basic health care for all the people.

Why do I feel more and more that the Republiscams are the followers of Anti-Christ? Anti-Christ may not be a person, but a way of thinking. Could such greed be the Mystery Babylon religion of the Final Age of Earth? If you read Revelation, you know that Christ is coming back to destroy the followers of Anti-Christ. That has to be what it is.

I do not support our corrupt two party system, because as it presently is constituted, it leads to horrible abuse of the taxpayers. We are in horrible debt because of our wars and because of Republiscam designed rip-offs of the Federal and State Governments. I have been calling for a constitutional convention for a great many years to correct the horrible abuses of our present system that the Republiscams consistently profit from. (To the shrill tune of hundreds of Millions and even Billions of Dollars.)

And all they do is laugh at us as they vacation around the world as the American taxpayers have to pick up the tab for their high life.

Consider the sad reality, if we change banking laws to try to prevent Republiscams from raping the system and growing filthy rich thereby, they just find new ways to circumvent the law. The last banking Scandal during Fortunate Son Bush’s corrupt reign of economic terror and war is a perfect example. The Republiscam Bankers violated every principle of sound banking practice to create the mortgage scandal and ensuing crisis, and then they personally bet on the collapse of the economy. When given low interest rate (Essentially free) money the Banks and Lending institutions used it to drive the stock market up and they personally profited from that, too. No matter what we legislate, they go around the laws to rip off the public. Those bastards need to be in jail for life or until their life is ended.

I have not voted for either a Democrat or a Republican for President in each of the past three elections. Remember Rule Number One for Republiscams -- They come from either party.

Remember, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Southern Democrat, was a true Republiscam. In 1960, the Democratic Party was fractured when JFK won the nomination. In order to bring the party back together again, Kennedy added (the Conservative Wing Southern Democrat) Johnson as his VP candidate. Kennedy inherited the headache in Vietnam from Eisenhower. By 1963 Kennedy was going to pull out all of our "Advisers" in Vietnam as he did not want it to escalate into a war.

The Republiscams realized that Vietnam could be turned into a fantastic war for the War Industrialists (Republiscams) to make Billions and Billions in profit. Kennedy was shot (and I know why) and the Republiscams took the Oval Office and combat troops were sent into Vietnam to replace Kennedy's advisers once we trumped up a plausible excuse for escalating the situation over there. (Just like Hitler did when he wanted to invade Poland when he created a fake Polish attack on German border towns. Young German boys were eager to go off to war to avenge all of the Germans who were killed or raped by the Poles).

The USS Turner Joy was "attacked" and the WAR WAS ON! Remember Rule Number Two for Republiscams “Lost Human Life does not matter as long as it can be shed to make you fantastically wealthy.” In our present Congress there are Democrats who are very good Republiscams and Republicans who are not good Republiscams. We need to clean house and remove all Republiscams regardless of their pretend party affiliation. Simple ID rule, if they have been profiting from the instigation of war for profit or from any of the corrupt shenanigans in the banking and finance industry, we should put them in jail where they belong along with all of their corrupt friends.

They have been running most of government from behind the scene for far too long.

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