Friday, April 6, 2012

My Religious and Political Maturation.

I was raised in a divorced home by a father who did not believe in God unless he was drunk. Then he believed that there might be a god, but he had never heard him. I enlisted in the Navy for six years while still in high school in 1967 and did not know the fundamentals of Christianity. One guy tried to teach me about Christianity while I was in high school and I thought he was crazy. If I ever see him again before I croak, I will apologize to him. I was just a guy living "In the World" who "tried to be good," as that is what I thought being religious was all about.

When I started College in 1973 I met up with many Christians who helped set me straight after I read a book they gave me called "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey. I responded to his "sinner's prayer" part of the book with tears in my eyes and have walked a Christian Walk ever since then (with a few minor occasional digressions like most Christians). I became a strong moral conservative and developed little tolerance for morally weak people.

The Funny thing is that I tied my Christian faith to being Conservative as I seemed to think that Conservative in Morals had to equal Conservative in politics. I voted Republican for years and years after that only once "straying" when I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976. He was a Baptist Sunday School Teacher and so was I. He was a Navy Nuclear operator, and so was I, so it seemed right to vote for him. Unfortunately, Jimmy was not a strong president when we needed one and I did not vote for him the second time as I was swayed back to the Republican fold by the political advertising for Ronald Reagan which was masterful. I can still remember those commercials. Reagan riding his horse and it was a new morning in America and birds were singing. Boy did that make be feel good about being an American.

Yes sir, I rejoined the Conservative fold, a fully repentant individual who had strayed to the liberal side of The Force for only the time it took to cast that first and only vote for Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer who had that great smile and perfect teeth.

Now, the years have gone by (ever faster it seems as I grow older) and I am questioning my value structure. I have come to realize that conservative in morals has absolutely no correlation with conservative in politics as it has become increasingly obvious that the Conservative wing of politics is totally controlled by the neo-fascist Uber-Reich (Over Rich people who worship money as their only God). They are the Big Industrialists (Nuclear, Coal, Oil, Pharmaceuticals and the War Lobby) and the Big Bankers who are raping this country for their own fantastic personal gain.

Having seen what I have seen, I can never vote Republican again. Almost all Republican members of Congress are card carrying Republiscams. A vast majority of Democrats are, too.

I saw the corrupt CIA Bush and his cronies rape America for over a Trillion Dollars (some say up to Two Trillion) in the Savings and Loan Scandals that destroyed that financial industry in 1989 to 1992. Do you remember all the boarded windows in businesses that were shut down? They were able to rape the country because the banking rules were not applied totally or properly towards the Saving and Loan industry. Jeb Bush and Neil Bush were implicated in massive frauds at Savings and Loans that they had influence in or control over and paid only minor penalties for their openly outrageous criminal behavior. Ain't it great to have a father who is President? The Uber Rich were raping the Savings and Loans right out in plain sight, and the taxpayers had to bail the S&L's out. The Uber Rich used the S&L's as checkbooks to finance their illegal stock deals and manipulation of industries and poorer individuals. Most of my friends qualify as poorer individuals, especially now-a-days.

I saw the massive banking corruption under "Fortunate Son Bush" (he avoided Vietnam like in the C.C.R. Song). The Banks were raped again by the Uber Rich. It was all done with outrageously bad banking practices that resulted in the horrific Mortgage Scandal and Housing Boom that nearly collapsed the entire banking structure in the United States. Fortunate Son Bush saw his cronies gleefully rape American to the tune of well over Twenty Trillion Dollars. Not one of those evil people have been placed in prison where they belong. You, the taxpayer have to pay for all that corruption. Over Twenty Trillion Dollars!!!!!!!

If you are not part of the Uber Rich, then you are probably a victim of their greed. Having trouble paying your bills lately? Can't afford your medical care? Thought you had a retirement account? Becoming more and more disillusioned every day? Wondering what in the hell the disorganized Occupy Movement is all about? (Just a bunch of people who are pissed off and they do not understand all the reasons why.) Questioning your value structure? This is not the same America your parents grew up in. The people with Criminal Minds are now in charge, and they are not morally conservative. They do not understand the concept of morality, all they know is Money, Money, Money, Money......

I have trouble voting Democrat because so many of them are corrupt, too. Our entire political process has been bought by the Nuclear Industry, and the Coal Industry and the Oil Industry and the "Let's Make War For Profit Industry." They are being run for the personal profit of the Uber Rich (the corrupt people) who profit from the deaths of millions world wide.

We need change in America. I am totally serious when I say that. We need an efficient Judicial System that will quickly deal with the corrupt elements that think they can get away with all these Trillion Dollar rip offs. It is time for a Constitutional Convention that will bring real change to America.

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