Sunday, November 2, 2008

To All Of My Conservative Friends

We are going to see a liberal Democrat elected President. It appears to be a done deal. As I tell everybody, Liberal or Conservative, the President has to get the main body of congress to agree with him. Extreme political agendas from either camp seldom get approved. Sixty percent of Congress is in the middle and whoever the President is, he has to get them to agree with his programs. What we are seeing now is a liberal swing. What will follow in a few years is a conservative swing back in the other direction. I've seen a lot of it in my sixty plus years. The last liberal swing gave us Carter. You think I forgot Clinton? Nope. William Jefferson Clinton was not a political liberal as can be seen by his record and fiscal conservativism. He would best be described as a moderate who would have been to the right of John McCain if Clinton was a Republican.

Carter was a disaster for the US on the world scene. Four years of that toothy smile gave us a strong conservative backlash. As a registered Democrat, I voted for Jimmy the first time and voted against him the second time. I think that Iranian hostage crisis was his undoing.

Reagan was swept into office with radio stations all across the nation playing that Beach Boy song, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran." (We gonna bomb those Ayotollahs, gonna bomb the Hell out of Iran! Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!)

Iran was rightfully afraid of Reagan and even dealt with him (albight somewhat illegal nonsense with the exchange of weapons and money and support for the Contras in Nicaragua. I think that was the last time a man denied on public television that he had anything to do with a pretty woman, and most of the whole nation believed him. Do any of you know what I am writing about? Think Marine Major and his pretty secretary.)

Weakness invites attack. Biden is the master minister of true international weakness. Hopefully he will change with some responsibility. Obama does not fully understand the whole picture and wants, like Carter, to meet with the enemy I am afraid that he will sell out to "him" or "them" be they Iranian or whatever. Radical Islam is not to be trusted.

That total accomodation posture is just the way International Liberals think. In grade school the bullies always picked on them. As leaders of countries,...... Well, they invite aggression.

Ain't nuttin' wrong with it as we end up cutting back on international conflict for the short term, but it does invite attack with the passing of time, AND WE WILL BE ATTACKED IN SHORT ORDER once the bad guys realize that we are reluctant to fight back. Some country has to be the patsy and we will volunteer.

Wait and see.

So then what happens? Maybe General Petraus will become a candidate for President?

That was a wild guess just for the fun of it.

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