Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Neo Fascism the wave of the future?

Is Neo Fascism the wave of the future?

Unless Democracy can evolve new strength (I do not see how. Do you?), the problems facing the world today will result in a turning away from Democracy to far stronger and effective governments that will be forced to suspend civil right in order to effect programs that will maintain order in the overflowing masses of humanity.

Already there are about a quarter of a hundred countries that are having severe food shortages for their populations. According to the UN, 30 million people die annually from starvation. Where are the Christian action groups that used to help in poorer areas of the world? Looks like most of the nations of the world are pretending not to see.

"Still a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest." Paraphrased from one of my favorite songs.

Obviously, the world is not doing things right. That is the present reality. The future indicates that there are too many unsolved problems that will lead to others.

Riots and wars will evolve out of this horrific situation. In the next five years there will be numerous wars in Africa, Latin America and Asia over farmland. Why farmland? Simple, the world is up to six and a half Billion people with only limited population growth efforts enacted by a few governments.

Additional wars will be fought over natural resources. That is already an ongoing problem. We need population control and Democracies don't seem to be able to deliver it.

Communist China (because the government can still dictate to the people) has been the most effective, but their control is not exact and totally effective. There are always people who will stand up to any government. They are less outspoken when the government eliminates them for their defiance. Strong governments can do that and weak governments can not.

Other countries like India have refused modern medical care to their poor hoping that the death rate from preventable illnesses will help keep the lowest caste numbers somewhat under control. I initiated a write in campaign to Indian On Line newspapers two years ago to try to shame the Indian government into inoculating their poor against illness. It worked! They started giving the peasants of Uttar Pradesh necessary shots that prevented Japanese Encephalitis. They increased medical care in the region which is heavily populated by Untouchables, who have an outrageously high birth rate. I expect the Indian Government to let their "new public display" falter in the months ahead. Their attitude in years past was that they were letting "nature take its course" with the Untouchables and that neglectful course of action would help control the population surges.

Myanmar is also letting Nature take its course in wiping out whole villages in their river delta areas. Advance warning was not considered to be viable because that low land area simply had too many people. One big storm and Poof! a lot less people! They also are neglecting medical care for the rapidly increasing peasant population.

India, Myanmar, Bengla Desh and countries like that are trying to control population the wrong way. The only way is with enforced sterilization, (you do not need to let the people die, you just need to cut down on their capacity to procreate.) and that will never come from a democratic government, but it could come from a Fascist like one.

Watch the slow turn away from Democracy in the years to come. Unless Democracy finds a way to deal with the coming problems in a highly efficient manner, it will be a "tried but failed system."

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Joe Neubarth said...

Though it was some time ago that I wrote this post, it is now obvious that it is happening in Eastern Europe. Most Democracies are too weak to get the job down. Strong governments where orders are issued from on high seem to do better in crisis or near crisis situations.

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