Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old fashioned Republican politician Christie won.

Old fashioned Republican politician Christie won the election yesterday. He courted Democrats with state money which is a very strong power in corrupt politics. As the election wound down there were many Democratic politicians who supplied the additional money and political support for his campaign. That is how old fashioned but somewhat corrupt East Coast Politics works. As an historian, I actually have admiration for the corruption even though I still call it corruption.

Christie's doling of money immediately after Superstorm Sandy cemented him into the governorship for at least one more term. The reality is that it was Democratic support from those old school politicians that kept him in the lead in all polls.

Witness, Christie won the unofficial support — and ardent admiration — of George Norcross, the South Jersey insurance executive (and the state’s most powerful Democrat), by carrying out a dutiful reconfiguration of the state’s higher education system that poured lots and lots of money into that region."

By finagling with old fashioned corrupt Democratic mayors, Christie won the support of some of the more liberal voting districts in New Jersey. Christie almost qualifies as a left leaning Republican. Another word is Progressive.

He is that. He serves progressive programs that will promote his political career.

He's openly endorsed citizenship for illegals (Something that Reagan did to hold on to swing voting Hispanics.) Christie calls for and endorses gun control legislation, and amazingly conceded the legitimacy of climate change as a reality. Obviously, the climate must be changing if a Republican say so!

He has also recently participated in Medicaid expansion under the Obamacare rules. Amazing! If you study American Politics (warts, scars and all), Christie comes across as one of the Great Ones. (Jackie, please forgive me.)

Mitt Romney wanted to make Christie his vice-presidential nominee, sort of like Nixon added Agnew. Yet when Romney took a close look at what the Christie backroom record was he promptly changed his mind. Corruption rules in Republiscam ranks, but too much left leaning corruption is unacceptable.

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