Thursday, March 7, 2013

They're Back!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is BACK!!!

Boy! They are using Strep Suis as the excuse. AGAIN!!!

"Nguyen Nguyen, 40, died on February 10, just one day after the same official transferred to him the pigs that Nguyet had failed to slaughter."

A simple bacteria like that should not be able to kill a person within 24 hours. When they transferred the pigs from the one butcher who died to a second butcher he died the next day. Whatever it is, it is not behaving like a bacteria.

Bacteria can not breed in the body and attack all the internal organs and cause whole body organ failure like that in 24 hours. If a butcher has a nick on his finger, bacteria can get into the skin and start festering there and gradually spread. I have had a few cuts and splinters in which bacteria festered, and it always took days for the site to become swollen and inflamed.

I simply do not buy that excuse. This is the same Ebola like virus that is extremely lethal that was killing thousands in Szechuan, China in 2005.

So, how did it get to Vietnam when China appeared to have eradicated it? Did the Vietnamese culture it to use in their own Bio-Weapons program? Did the Chinese BioWeapons masters want to test it again, but this time release it outside of their country so chose Vietnam, instead?

Time will tell.

When that mystery virus first arrived on the scene in 2005 we did not know what it was, but it arrived in China at the same time a super aggressive strain of H5N1 Bird Flu arrived at Qinghai Lakes from India. India consistently maintained that they did not have H5N1 in their country. Ha!

I was covering H5N1 at the time because the initial reports out of Qinghai were that the birds died on the lake, but people, dogs, cats, horses, sheep and even the fish in the lake also died. Andromeda strain?

When you get reports like that, you know you are dealing with a super-virus, so I covered the spread of H5N1 into Siberia, western Asia, Eurasia, Europe and Africa. As time went bye, we were left to wonder if there were two concurrent outbreaks in China with H5N1 Bird Flu killing the birds, but something else killing all of the other animals.

The something else appeared to be a hemorrhagic fever.

Boxun (A posting news site for information out of China) had a long series of posts about the spread of the Ebola like mystery virus. Reports out of China were keeping tabs on all of the thousands who died in the mysterious outbreak. There were reports of whole areas of China being sectioned off from all commerce into and out of those areas. Whole villages were eliminated by the Chinese Army (The people disappeared and the towns were bulldozed under. The soldiers who were used to make the people disappear were themselves marched into a large coal mine and the entrance was dynamited shut. That was a rather severe means of trying to control a virus spread.

Boxun became famous when the initial reports on SARS leaked out of China when the government was trying to cover it up several years earlier. Those reports made us aware of the problem in advance and when it finally crossed the border to Hong Kong, western medicine dealt with it far more quickly.

China was ruthless in trying to control the outbreak of what appeared to be the world's most evil virus. US newspapers and news media did not even cover the story. BBC interviewed me back then because I was posting on five sites on the internet about what was happening in China. I have cut back my aggressive internet posting and restricted my posting to just three sites now, but back then I was trying to get the word out about what Boxun posters said was happening in China.

China, knowing that the world had missed the story of the century excused the outbreak as a "bacteria infection (Strep Suis) that was causing toxic shock problems among butchers who were handling raw pork with bare hands."

The world wilingly accepted that as a viable reason and the issue died down. I am absolutely convinced that it was not Strep Suis.

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