Sunday, November 4, 2012

Polluting Republiscam Industries Need to be STOPPED!

World wide the scientists at hundreds of universities who study the Global Climate have been warning about the coming horrific impacts of climate change.

We are faced with the reality of an increase in extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy. The Greenland Icecap is melting. The Glaciers are melting back. Glacier National Park, once the home of majestic glaciers has very little ice left. (You have to really look and imagine what the Glaciers used to look like. We should rename it "Climate Change Disaster Park."

This summer it was possible to circumnavigate the Earth in less than two weeks via sailboat because the northern Polar Ice Cap was almost gone. (Circumnavigate the north pole, and you have gone around the world. Granted, you don't see much, but you can brag never the less.)

Rising sea levels have allowed storm surges (Large Low Pressure areas raise sea level under storm) to sweep into low-lying regions and erode coastal areas like the New Jersey shoreline and to flood subway tunnels. (I guess it might be possible to swim to work in the morning, but you probably would not be very clean when you got there.)

Added to the rising ocean level and storm surges and flooding rainstorms is the ugly reality of longer and more severe droughts in the more arid parts of the world. We see it in the United States out west, but the rest of the world sees it in expanding deserts in South America (Chili and Peru) Africa, Australia, southern Asia (Arabia to India) and specifically in western China where a lot less land is under cultivation and yet the world population keeps going up and up and up. We are seeing massive heat waves and large wildfires where forests are stressed from lack of water. Dry wood burns more quickly and at hotter temperature in a fire storm and we are seeing more and more firestorms sweeping into housing areas from dry land surrounding them.

The Republiscams who run Big Polluting Industries constantly lie and claim that Global Warming is not happening, yet anybody with a pair of open eyes can see what is happening. Those Republiscams who worship money keep getting special privilege from the agencies that are supposed to regulate them. The regulators are effectively controlled by Big Money.

Dirty Coal and Big Oil have trashed thousands of square miles of beautiful landscape and environment, and are not being forced by the regulating agencies to effectively clean up their messes. There is no effective regulation from the regulating agencies in many other businesses as well. Coal Ash from the coal burning electrical generating companies is piling up all over the country. The regulating agency just sighs and looks the other way, when the country should be hard at work cleaning up those messes either with electrical industry money or with taxpayer money.

We need to be more far more proactive by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expanding the market for renewable energy and efficiency. Geo Thermal wells for steam could provide 90 percent of the electricity needs of our country if only we set the industry up. It will take Federal Action, but it would help clean our environment from the use of Coal and Petroleum to generate electricity. We could do away entirely with Nuclear Power which has killed untold Millions of Americans with radioactive particulate pollution. If Germany can shut down that horrible industry, why can't we?

The Republiscam Industrialists are destroying our planet in pursuit of bigger and bigger and bigger profits. That's right, they worship money! We need a Congress that has the intestinal fortitude to take on these corrupt people who have been destroying our country and the entire world for their personal profit. We need government agencies that are not run by the Republiscam owned Polluting Industries. In all cases they control the regulating agencies as opposed to the agencies controlling them. This is so damned corrupt and it is not getting any better. Every year more and more people are dying from the pollution and contamination of this small planet.

This election we need to vote against Republiscams to save the planet. We need to repudiate them everywhere.

Go Forth Americans, and kick those sons of bitches out of office and then lets go ahead and rewrite the constitution to prevent the horrible destructive things the Republiscams have done to this country from ever happening again. Amen.

Et quod vidit et audivit hoc testatur et testimonium.

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