Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have been posting about this for years. The people who have been making Millions and Billions have bought special privilege in and from Congress. All those hundreds of loopholes in the tax laws did not just appear there by accident.

The Republiscams who have taken over the Republican Party and have many Democrats in their ranks have had that legislation passed to make themselves horribly wealthy at the expense of the Middle Class. There is no tax equality in this country, because the Middle Class is carrying the major part of the burden.

Thus the quality of life for the middle class (What always used to be the thing that made America Great) is now under attack by the most greedy and corrupt people in the world. Those people like Romney, Fortunate Son Bush, CIA Bush and Reagan do not or did not give a hot damn about you. To them, you are an ant, a peon, a "Little People" that they can use to get wealthy. They refuse to pay taxes in the tax brackets that the Middle Class pay. They use you like pawns in a game of Chess.

Your lives can be forfeit for their grandiose wealth accumulation schemes. You die for them in ever increasing numbers in wars that they create so their friends in the Military Industrial Complex can become Millionaires and Billionaires. They make their greedy money and are exalted while the middle class decreases in percentage and numbers and quality of life.

The Occupy movements are all about that horrible Scamming of America, but most of them do not know how the scams work. I know, because I have been writing about all of the scams for years now.

1. The War Industry creates wars, sacrifices our young lives and makes profit off of Government Contracts.

2. The Nuclear Industry is insured by the US government, assisted by the United States Government, subsidized by the United States Government, makes hundreds of Billions from people paying high prices for very cheap electricity (because the taxpayers foot so much of the bills), does not have a viable solution for the storage of nuclear waste and kills half a million North Americans every year with cancer caused by nuclear pollution. That is right, Canadians, Mexicans and Central Americans are dying from our pollution.

3. The Chemical and Bio-Chemical Industries kill millions around the world with pollution and destruction of the natural environment while using Government subsidies and they rip the world off for the cost of their products.

4. The Coal Industry and Petroleum industry kill millions around the world with pollution and destruction of the natural environment while using Government subsidies to maximize their profits. And to add insult to injury they rip us off for the cost of their products.

5. The Pharmaceutical Industry kill millions around the world with medical solutions that create more problems and death of millions around the world while using Government subsidies to make Billions of profits, especially in the United States where Congress lets them bilk us. And then you wonder why Americans pay twice as much for medical care that the other industrial countries of the world.

There are other examples, but in all cases, the peons (the ants, the Little People, the nobodies) die so that the Republiscams can get filthy rich.

The government supposedly is overseeing the industries, but the industries effectively run the government agencies so that all government decisions are in favor of the Industries in preference to the lives of the people. Millions of good average people have had to forfeit their lives years before their normal life expectancy. so the fat cat industrialists can make Billions.

If we do not correct this now in a peaceful fashion (I have been calling for that for years now), it will cause a flareup in the streets of America. Riots are the American Way. We are great at riots.

Correct the problem now, or see the riots later. But later may be sooner than you think. In this election we need to TOTALLY REPUDIATE THE EVIL REPUBLISCAM WAY OF DOING THINGS.


Then we can call for a Constitution Convention to correct all of the injustices, and convict all of the Republiscams for Treason against these United States under a new ex-post facto rule in the New Constitution that will allow us to prosecute the filthy rich Republiscams for the crimes they committed under the old constitution. Scumbags like Romney and the evil Bushes will be tried for Treason and made to pay back to the American people all that they thought they were "legally" stealing with their manipulation of the economy and rape of America.

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