Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Republiscams are people who come from any political party. Their qualifications are simple.

1. To be a Republiscam they have to worship money. Money is God and God is Money.

2. Their goal is to acquire as much of their God as possible. There is no such thing as too much money.

3. They believe that the best way to make Money is to take advantage of Government, not by working a nine to five job. That is for the “Little People” who believe in what are essentially Christian values, Honesty, Integrity and Morality. To the Republiscams the “Little People” are fools.

4. Republiscams see three distinct ways to make money.

A. They can take advantage of (Scam) the Income Tax System (usually set up for them by Congress.)

B. They can take advantage of (Scam) deliberate government ignorance (usually set up for them by Congress.)

C. They can take advantage of (Scam) Government programs (that have usually been set up for them by Congress.)

The political candidates who present them selves as religious are usually Republiscams. They have found that "Pretend Religion" is acceptable to the masses, so they "Pretend" as much as necessary to win the easily duped public over.

If there is a Presidential candidate who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars there is absolute certainty that he is a Republiscam, and that he made his money by Scamming the Republic. Reject him in the most aggressive fashion possible. His God in Money and his Money is God and he only relates to people of similar faith.

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